Ubisoft Explains Why Far Cry 4 Is Not A PS4/Xbox One Exclusive

It was a tough decision.

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far cry 4

Unlike Assassin’s Creed Unity, Far Cry 4 will be hitting across two generations of consoles. The game is scheduled to release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and of course the PC later this year. Given that the new consoles have already sold above 15 million units between them, why did Ubisoft went with a multi-generation approach with Far Cry 4?

“With the great reception Far Cry 3 received, we knew right from the early stages of Far Cry 4 production that we wanted to offer it on both generations of console,” Game Director Patrik Méthé said to GamingBolt. “The truth is, even though the team is very proud of what we achieved on FC3, we also had to make tough decisions toward the end and with the opportunity to come up with an even more ambitious title with FC4, we wanted all of our fans to have the chance to embark on this new adventure, whether they own PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One or PC.”

It will be interesting to see how Far Cry 4 will push the barriers on the old consoles as well as take advantage of the new consoles’s processing power. For more on the game check out our wiki here and stay tuned for more coverage on Far Cry 4 in the coming days.

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  • 198321

    I bet it will be like watch dogs. PS4 will be downgraded beause of last gen. I used to like Ubisoft, but not anymore. I mean games are the way they are and they should be honest with gamers and not feed us lies. That is not nice!

    • Placebo

      Well said.

    • Jeff Maxwell

      No it won’t apparently ps4 will equal ultra pc settings because they hasn’t bothered to push the gfx boundary at all. Complete parity they’ve gone for

    • justerthought

      You haven’t played Watch Dogs on PS4 have you, otherwise you would not be saying the graphics are downgraded. The graphics are very impressive but all you do is dwell on rumours and conspiracy theories read on the web.

      Naughty Dog, Rockstar and Ubisoft are the leading devs out there right now doing great stuff, but all we get from you is, “I used to like Ubisoft, but not anymore.” It’s your loss buddy.

      I’m playing great games that are the cutting edge of the technology, while you’re sucking on sour grapes. What exactly did Ubisoft do to you to deserve such bitterness. Did Ubisoft murder your mother or rape your sister. It must have been something really bad.

    • 198321

      I have played it. I usually buy games on blueray but bought watch dogs digital as I was super hyped about it and thought it would be amazing. That story sucks well fair enough they should not spoil story before the game is released, but I was dissapointed with bad graphics, so many bugs and how tiny the city is. Trust me I played it and the game is awful. Try and read some user reviews on metacritic, not only IGN or Polygon .. see what people really think and you will see most of us think Watch Dogs sucks. And since Far Cry is going to be on last gen too, it is going to affect it and might be heading for same disaster as watch dogs did.

    • d0x360

      The game is awful. Its a cross generational mess driven purely by hype. Easily the years biggest let down if not the biggest letdown I’ve ever seen. So much hype for such an average ugly game.

    • d0x360

      Watch dogs looks like garbage. Resolution aside gta5 on last gen consoles looks better. It Has more detail, better models, better animation, a bigger city with far better NPC interaction…

      You can’t be serious that you were pleased with watch dogs…you can’t be.

    • joel

      Watch dogs looks horrible on PS4 what are you talking about. Jaggies all over the place because they used a cheap anti aliasing technique. The frame rate is horrible. You can see jaggies on the character models. The textures and colors all watered down. I could go on and on with the issues in watch dogs. There is videos out already proving the game got downgraded massively.

    • jonedevil

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    • jonedevil

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  • joel

    ill buy it used or under 30$ maybe. I already experienced the cross gen issues with watch dogs. The game ran like crap and clearly was held back due to last gen.


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