Uncharted rip-off called ‘Adventurer’ which is in 1st person perspective looks stunning

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A new game called ‘Adventurer’ made by a polish studio The farm51 looks pretty amazing, but the catch here is that it looks a wee bit similar to Uncharted. The good thing is that there’s a gameplay video of the whole thing, so you can check it out for yourself.

Not much details are known about it, but it will be released on the Xbox 360 and PC sometime next year unless Sony has something to do about it.

“Adventure shooter in first-person perspective allows players to feel like treasure hunters and adventurers. The combination of dynamic gunfights, engaging storyline, ingenious traps and mechanisms ensure an unforgettable experience of a native of Indiana Jones movies,” reads the game description on their site.

The main features of the game

  • A unique blend of classical cinema atmosphere of adventure-person shooter action game.
  • The game combines action and exploration – shootings, car chases, puzzles.
  • Avoid the guards left behind by the ancient treasures of the traps and use them to fight the enemies.
  • Visiting exotic locations, including Egypt, the Arctic and ancient Mayan cities.
  • Puzzles and mysteries, in which we use to solve the treasure hunter gear – unusual compass, notebook, treasure map, a flashlight, and even dynamite.
  • Full story twists, international conspiracy, espionage, and organizations seeking powerful artifacts.
  • A powerful arsenal of weapons of the era, from the guns on the Panzerfaust.
  • The improvement of weapons and upgrade skills of the hero.
  • The fascinating world of the 30s the last century – architecture, music, clothing, vehicles and weapons straight from the best Hollywood movies rogue.
  • Multiplayer mode Treasure Hunt, in which the outside weapon you can use traps to eliminate enemies.

Here’s a 30 minute off-screen video as well:

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  • KEN

    If Sony get mad or even tries to do something then Eidos ,spielberg, Lucas should have something to say about drake.Cause Indy & Lara were doing the puzzle solving ,car chase ,shooting ,climbing before drake showed up.

  • John

    Hahahahaha, dirty M$ up to their old tricks again! Their fans have gone and bought a PS3, to play Uncharted, and the ones that can’t afford, want their own version! Now M$ realise they need an adventure game – “Look at that Drake guy, lets make one too”! Pathetic

    • True Gamer

      Hey kiddo their was a game called Tomb raider and Indian Jones before Uncharted and who can’t afford a ps3 it’s cheaper than a Xbox 360.

    • Jack

      The only pathetic thing here is your comment. Go read a book, watch some movies or play some games. If you think this small studio is ripping off Naughty Dog you’re an ignorant fool.

    • Vince

      It’s not even made by MS, but by a small polish studio. Oh and please enlighten us on how Uncharted isn’t similar to Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider.

  • KEN

    And forgot to mention – it’s in FP. Just perfect for the xbot generation – poor dumb fools can’t play 3rd person. Too many things, they lose concentration, they need blinders like horses or donkeys, no visual freedom for them.

    • Aarix

      Are you retarded? You do know that gears of war is in third person as well. All your other percious shooters like killzone and resistance are in 1st person too. Seriously you went full retard, never go full retard.

    • Antonio

      Aarix! “Seriously you went full retard, never go full retard.” Epic comment was epic! And great quote also!

  • KEN

    Looks good, but certainly NOT stunning mate! MGS4, Killzone, Uncharted; THOSE games look stunning, this game just looks good – generic graphics, just above average. Nothing more!

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  • Griff

    What? An adventure game with green plants must be a rip off of Uncharted? Have you ever heard of genres? Game genres are groups of game which fall under the same category such as, First Person Shooters. I once played a game called Medal of Honor, but what? there was a similar game called Call of Duty. Also, one time I played this game where YOU RACE CARS, and someone made a game THAT WAS SIMILAR to it, WHAT? Perhaps you can realize that games fall into genres, such as Uncharted would be in the same genre as Indiana Jones Games, or Tomb Raider Games. Having a game where someone goes on adventures and carries weapons isn’t a rip-off. Its extending the genre. So, instead of ripping on a game and titling it a knock off, why don’t you write a happy article on the expansion of Adventure/ World Exploration games?

  • mr who

    ok this definitely does rip off some things from uncharted but there is really nothing wrong with that as long as a game has its own identity and not a complete copy & paste & also has a different atmosphere. its fine but this is a bit safe to say a rip off. uncharted does take some things from indiana jones & tomb raider. but the game has a completey different identity and also does action adventure much better than any other action adventure game out there including tomb raider whether you like it or not

  • cell989

    late to the party, Naughty Dog is already busy at with the next genre defining title, THE LAST OF US. If you want FPS adventures, just wait for FARCRY 3 lol

  • Sid

    Since when did Lucas and Spielberg create the adventure genre? Why is Lara Croft oblivious to the “it ripped off Indiana jones” argument?

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  • Richie

    Ok one, the game looks interesting but i don’t think it has a shot at outdoing Uncharted in terms of graphics, cinema, acting, and story. Two, I think the game play could be pretty innovative it looks to have a Bioshock kind of feel for the first person shooter; if this is the case then they could have a real interesting game here. Three, the name is ridiculous, and I’m being nice. Maybe that’s because they want to remain obscure with the story of the game but it seems pointless and too generic/vague. Finally four, is anyone getting The Mummy and The Mummy Returns vibe? Just without the mummy, as far as we know. Clearly inspiration is taken from all over and heavily from Uncharted, let’s hope they keen be fresh with old material.

  • lol

    Watered down uncharted in first person

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  • Chris

    uncharted is basically a copy and paste of Tomb Raider

  • GameXentral

    Guess its true that there’s only 7 stories to be told in the world. Uncharted is merely a rip off of the old 8-bit Aztec game. Nice to see the same shit still floating around after 30+ years.


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