Uncharted Vita close to 4GB; Sony emphasizes on the importance of physical media

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Sony has definitely learned their lessons with the PSP Go, there seems to be an unique confidence in the company now, and they seem to be taking the right decisions with their new handheld, Playstation Vita. It’s a tricky situation for Sony with Monster Hunter going to the 3DS, and they now need a killer application for the Vita, so that it is successful in Japan.

In a recent interview with EDGE, SCEE President Jim Ryan and Sony WWS President Shuhei Yoshida had a lot to say about the Vita, and they also emphasized on the fact that they aren’t ignoring the physical media for the Vita due to a lot of reasons.

“We believe, for some consumers, the time is [right], but for other consumers, the time is still not [right],” said Yoshida. “So we believe the time is still not right to go download-only as a platform,” he added.

“Some PS Vita titles, like Uncharted: Golden Abyss, will be close to 4GB in size, which could be too large to download for consumers 
who do not have a fast broadband connection.

Also, some consumers like shopping in retail stores, talking to knowledgeable store clerks, buying and playing games on the spot. We do not want to remove that capability from consumers.”

He is in a way right when he says that Digital Distribution is only limited to a handful of countries right now. 4GB isn’t a lot when you think of the PC games nowadays; the latest being RAGE, which was available for download at a whopping 25Gb.

Jim Ryan, however, is more frank with his comments, “There are consumers in parts of the world – this is a global device – where the digital model has not yet fully been embraced.”

This shows that the Sony knows that there are countries that don’t have the infrastructure to support a full Digital Distribution model. Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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  • de

    The time there isn’t physical medias anymore, is the time I will not play (or maybe pirate).
    I just want to have my hands on something PHYSICAL, not downloading games.

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  • 4Gb is a lot when there’s no included storage AND they expect you to buy your own memory cards to put games on… 4Gb games would fill any card up in a hurry. I’m glad we’re getting physical cards to have our games on.

    • Kartik Mudgal


    • Since you put it that way: YES! Otherwise 4GB is nothing. I downloaded Crysis yesterday on Games on Demand in about an hour. Of course that’s a better network, but the size doesn’t matter in this case. It’s the storage medium that does. Another proprietary expensive doomed to fail Sony format.

  • LD

    downloadable is fine for throw away games but, physical media is the only way for a consumer to retain any kind of ownership to the game.

  • Mindflayer

    Sony didn’t even make a modest effort to support the psp go and Xperia play. Then they have the nerve to assume everyone truly wants digital content. Video gaming implies a console and a game. Removing the actual physical game from video gaming would be like going sky diving without a parachute. The art of Photography and the actual printing process has already been destroyed now video games are next. The artist who create the games deserve to have them live on in a physical sense. It’s bad enough when companies like apple and Sony want to have FULL CONTROL over a product after a consumer purchases something now they’re going to let unfounded paranoia over piracy destroy the video game industry. I got 50 errors trying to add my gd credit card to the psn network along with countless other people, so… Besides consumers should demand choices! Sony shouldn’t control WHERE you HAVE to purchase games for the rest of your miserable life.


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