Valve Plans Three Announcements, Half Life 3 to be Announced?

Maybe, hopefully, surely, this time?

Posted By | On 22nd, Sep. 2013 Under News

half life
Valve Software recently revealed via press release that it will be making three announcements related to TV and the living room this week. More specifically, it will be revealing “the steps we’re taking to make Steam more accessiblweon televisions and in the living room”.

Considering all the talk about the Steam Box, fueled by Valve’s push for Big Picture – which allows for living room gaming on your TV with controller support – will we finally see Valve unveiled its plans for an audience primarily catered to by consoles?

And more importantly, will this provide some kind of impetus for Half Life 3? We know, we know – it’s long been the same old song and dance, and Valve itself stated that the game is currently in “bits and pieces” with no discernible form. But one thing is for sure: if the Steam Box is real, Valve will be looking for a killer app. This was the case when it launched Steam to coincide with the release of Half Life: Episode 1, or when it made Portal 2 exclusive to the PS3 among consoles to facilitate the introduction of Steam.

Will third – or whichever time this is – be the charm? We’ll find out soon.

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  • Poorlaggedman

    Fuckers have waited too long. Entire mod community is moving on or dead.

    • valve owner

      Hi I am the owner of Valve, ask me anything.

    • Poorlaggedman

      When your parents have any children that lived?

    • Cakefish

      O’ mighty lord Gaben, when will we see the one known as Half Life 3?

  • Cesar Phillips

    L4D3 or HL3 which is it?

    • Zanaan

      They never release a 3rd title of anything

  • War

    More TF2 hats

  • Furry Hunter

    Wishful thinking taken to a new level.

  • Invalio

    Portal 2 exclusive to PS3 among consoles? My I just hallucinated my way through it for the Xbox 360 then.

    • Will

      What it meant was that the PS3 was the only console to have Steam intergration within Portal 2.

  • Invalio


  • Picard

    Steam was launched with the release of Half Life 2, not ‘Half Life: Episode 1’. Has it really been that long that people would get this wrong???

    • Guest

      Bull man steam was around before hl2 I used to play CS when it was alpha youngin.


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