Valve’s Employee Handbook Teases Half Life 3

Ever the tease, Valve doesn’t even spare new employees.

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half life
For all its achievements, including Steam, Greenlight, Portal, DOTA and whatnot, what would Valve Software be without Half-Life? For that matter, where would be without Half-Life 2, which still remains one of the best games ever created and practically illustrated how Havok Physics (among other things) could make for an amazing experience.

But for all its achievements, we still crave the long-awaited Half-Life 3. It’s been almost 9 years since the release of Half-Life 2 and there’s still be no indication as to when or in what form we’ll have Half-Life 3.

That doesn’t stop Valve from endlessly teasing it, even in its employee handbook. Check it out here and head over to Page 20, with the illustrations. Missed it? Check out the t-shirt the employee is wearing in the second panel.

Yes, it’s impossible that something will come from this revelation. But likewise, it doesn’t just have to mean that Half-Life 3 is an endless exercise in hype. It could very well be in development and ready to release some day. Not today, of course, but surely some day?

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  • s2

    What really ought to happen is, people should forget Valve and completely forget Half Life entirely. The game should drop out of the collective consciousness of the entire gaming community, just like Valve wants. An entire generation of gamers have grown up, gotten jobs, married and had children in the time since we were left with a to-be-continued cliffhanger. And what Valve deserves, is for people to forget about it completely to the point that no one cares anymore.

    • vvulture

      Generation ?!?!?! WTF !?!! Last time i checked, a generation was ~25yrs or so.. Original HL is only 15yrs old…

    • s2

      Yes, gameboy. A “generation” with respect to being excited about a story line in a video game. Certainly a generation in the traditional sense is longer. But if you were talking about the age of a computer, for example, 5 years old is ancient. Thus, a 10 years gap in the continuation of a story is a “generation”.

      Maybe if more people quit kissing the ground around Valve and the Half Life franchise, the powers that be would decide to quit treating fans like attention starved pets. Sorry if my analysis upsets you.

    • Brandon Torres

      Dude seriously the last Half-Life installment, Half-Life 2: Episode 2 was in 2007, that was NOT a whole generation ago. It was six years ago when we were left with the cliffhanger. How the hell did you get thumbs up?

    • s2

      I will tell you how I got a “thumbs up”. There are people who read things that recognize sarcasm and an attempt at reverse psychology. And I wouldn’t expect a kid to be able to do this. I am not a kid. And I wasn’t a kid in 2007. But I am several years less a kid now. The point is, you people (myself included) can either continue to beg Valve for information about this or you can do what I suggest and forget about it. Maybe if enough people do this, it will occur to somebody to quit treating their fans like unwanted trick-or-treat’ers who keep knocking and refuse to go away.

      I won’t say anything else about this.

  • carloscbl

    Yep, is like a girlfriend that you dont know nothing of 7 years, you really want that she come back, but your heart is going slowly dying

  • Darren Roberts

    s2 is speaking sense, I totally agree with what he or she is saying, Valve should be pretty honored to that fact people are still showing interest for a sequel! In my opinion this lack of consideration for such a loved and very well acclaimed title of all time, has now ended up leaving one of the worst tastes in the mouth…. and that should not be the case.

    Also I think it is in very bad taste, to have people who don’t know the the true intentions of Valves plans for the title, missleading people and giving false hope! If and when there is concrete news should it be publicly known. Peoples who are just guessing should just stop with the guessing games and false hope!

    But in the end Half life is one game in sea of already good known and upcoming games, so if Valve have any intenstion on making a sequel, they should start to show some sort of urgency (seeing as its been 6 years since the last game!), because the way its going people are more likely to be in old peoples homes, before seeing a new Half Life game XD.


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