Watch Dogs Review: French Magazine Jeux Vidéo Awards 19/20 Rating

Graphics, gameplay and game length praised while story criticized.

Posted By | On 20th, May. 2014 Under News

Watch dogs

While Ubisoft had stated that false reviews of the open world hacking adventure Watch Dogs had been circulating, a very official review from French magazine Jeux Vidéo has surfaced courtesy of Reddit. The magazine rated the game 19 out of 20 and while it’s only one review at this time, it’s still fairly credible.

It awarded full point ratings to the graphics, gameplay and longevity categories (five out five) while sound received a four out of five rating, the only criticism being a somewhat limited selection of tracks. The level design, overall content and realistic representation of Chicago were all praised while the story and initial loading sequence were criticized.

Other Watch Dogs will be out on May 27th when the embargo ends and the game releases worldwide. It will be out on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Will you be picking it up and for which platform? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Psionicinversion

    Obviously the PC version, if it was PS4 it would only get 1/20

    • XB1 is for casuals

      Obviously you are jelly and a troll. Don’t you have lots of exclusives to play on PC. Oh that is right there is none. Well maybe you can play Destiny when it comes out. Oh sorry it is not on PC . Even Bungie knows PC is getting owned by PS4 and tablets. Lol

    • Psionicinversion

      They new there game would look 10x better on PC thats why they didnt develop for it, didnt want the cosnoles to look like $hit go back to your PS4ail

    • ChickenShiz
    • ChickenShiz

      PC IS DYING. The sells of PC,s has been in decline since 2012 and pretty soon it will not be feasible to make new graphic cards or hardware for PC,s because of the decline. Why do you think most developers are going multplatform and PC only developers like Blizzard releasing games on consoles. Enjoy being the minority.

    • Psionicinversion

      yeah prebuilt ones from dell and that cus you dont need a PC to browse facebook but gaming PC’s that arent sold by those brands cus there $hit is higher, PC gaming is no where near dead

    • Sean

      If anything I am hearing the complete opposite. That PC gaming is growing! supposedly at an all time high as of recent.

      I am betting a lot more gamers will take the plunge this gen after they realize that their new console of choice is severely underpowered and they are stuck with it for the next 6-10 years,however long this Gen lasts.

      Proof?: Myself. I recently built a gaming PC because I wanted the freedom and better hardware/software advantages that only the PC can offer.

      Finding out that the new systems were already dated at release made the move pretty damn easy as well. I knew if I saved up a little bit longer,I would reap the benefits of my patience.I’m sincerely happy that I did.No regrets.

      I was sick of wondering if,when or ever, mods would come to consoles.I could not go another release of say,Fallout or Elder scrolls without having access to the amazing mods that come out on PC.

      Almost every game on PC that I have played has mod support officially or unofficially. Don’t like a certain games AA mode or find that it is hurting performance? that’s cool, just use an AA injector like FXAA,SMAA etc. All of these things are just a few examples.

      For any gamer out there on the fence about going next gen or building a gaming rig,trust me, just go the PC will not regret it. Yeah, they take a little bit more maintenance but at the end of the day it will all be worth it.

      I told myself I’d never get like some of these “PC Elitists” so I do not mean to come off as a jerk or anything.I am not rich,I had to wait a very long time so I could get exactly what I wanted. If you really cannot afford it or you prefer the consoles,fine. to each their own. I’ve owned just about every single gaming console since the first Nintendo before anyone accuses me of being biased.

      To those that want better performance,visuals,controls and way more options and freedom – Look into building a gaming computer.

    • Psionicinversion

      Yeah the people saying PC is dead use a limited number of PC manufacturers like Dell HP, Sony etc and they are indecline but they arent gaming PC’s there just PC’s. If they took all of it into account like cyberpower for example which are PC gaming orientated sellers itll be much higher. Also alot of people like to build there gaming rig so that wont be included in the results either so its horse $hit really. It is growing the game devs just need to code efficiently so were arent constantly trying to brute force through there laziness and the PC will give out some amazing visuals more than now

    • Sean

      I’d wager those computer manufactures are in decline because more people are building custom PC’s more and more these days. lol did not read the entire post,beat me to it. yup, you are correct.

      I am not here to harass or rub it in any gamers face about PC this and console sucks but facts are still facts.It is the reason I finally built a custom gaming rig. I always wanted to do it but never had the money.

      I cannot imagine any gamer out there who if given the chance or had the money ,wouldn’t want a gaming PC.

      The “it’s too complicated and too expensive” or “I like to sit on the couch,play with a controller” excuses don’t fly no more. All of that and more can be done with a computer.

    • Psionicinversion

      yeah making your PC custom is what you want, you get to select from the finest case makers, then get specially designed components hand crafted by the chinese who control the machines that do it, you get to have 1000 boxes of high quality artwork around the house, slotting it all together hoping your labour of love is fruitful in the end and with baited breath you… hit the on button, you here a whirrr as the PSU kicks in – few its all good -, the beep means MB is powering on… alright, your looking at it POSTing…. $hit ram not working (damn i new i left something out !!) switch rinse and repeat.. its starts POSTing all is ok pheeeewwwww time to install windows 😀

      Console like everything else american components japanese components… all built in taiwan. bout as special as those stupid fcking Platinum trophies ps players earn that mean fck all

    • Psionicinversion

      also in pc gaming is dead console gaming is dead to cus there will be no one to fund the architectural advances needed to power the next consoles. youll be stuck in 1080p for 20 years

    • Psionicinversion

      Developers are going multiplatform cus its costing more and more to make a AAA game like $40million or more cant imagine how much sony pumped in for there games with minimal returns, they need to go multiplatform to recoup the costs

    • dellers

      You’re wrong. The (desktop) PC sales are lower than usual because the hardware development has slowed down a lot. Usually I’d be looking for a new machine right about now, but instead I’m gonna wait another 2.5 years. It’s not that we are fewer than before or use our computers less, there just isn’t any reason to buy new hardware for the time being.

    • Sean

      LMAO GTFO with that bullshit. PC devs are going multiplatform because they smell more money. It honestly would be bad business not to. That does not mean PC is a dying market. Far from it.

      I think steam would like to have a lil chat with you buddy. 75 Million users and counting.

    • RayDubs

      There are FAR more exclusives on PC than any console.

      Nice try, troll.

    • Sean

      That chart speaks for it’s self. Throw in better multiplatform games,MODS and the ability to emulate tons of games from just about any platform. PC wins hands down.

    • Agent_Blade

      No it doesn’t. I can emulate on my phone too so nope.

    • Sean

      What is your point exactly? I highly doubt your phone can emulate the amount and equal the performance that a decent PC can. even IF it could,what about the rest?

    • Sean

      Damn,I actually didn’t know that Destiny wasn’t coming out on PC. You console guys/gals enjoy! Pretty f**ked up though if you ask me. 500 million $$$ and you are telling me they couldn’t make a port for the PC? I know I know…that is for marketing and the total lifespan of the game but still.

  • ME3X12


    • XB1 is for casuals

      PS2>>Wii>>Sega genesis>>Atari>>XB1

  • Brandon Roberts

    qui qui love the watch dogs

  • Psionicinversion

    fck you derp/ps4lol cus i know ya going come and spread ya $hit around here… go back to praising the 900p


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