Wii U Exclusives To Look Forward To In 2014

2014: A new beginning for the Wii U.

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Nintendo has had it hard for some time with the word going around about why their new console won’t win the race this time especially because of delayed titles or lacking quality games or no title announces at all. But avast ye! The future is not so vexing and overcast as the internet might have led a lot o’ ye to believe. Don’t think of putting it out to pasture yet. This year might just be the one where such tattle might be thrown overboard. A lot would still be moping around over how few the count of games for the Wii U still stands but hey, it’s getting all the good stuff. 2014 is brimming with fuel pumping and mirth invoking action and antics for the console. Bananas, karts, hats, exploding barrels, good graphics and all that saccharine sweetness bundled up for the Wii U. Plenty to choose from! For now though, we’ll narrow down our focus and get on with the exclusives that have so far lined up for Nintendo’s new console.

Note: List is in random order. List contains timed exclusives as well as a few speculated ones.

10. Armillo

Armillo seems to be an interesting title that will be making its way to the Nintendo eShop only. By interesting, we certainly do not mean that it’s un-exciting. It doesn’t get anywhere even close to that mark. Explaining the game in the most simplest of ways doesn’t cut it. The players control an armadillo in space, guiding it through numerous cosmic maps which are more like cosmic obstacle courses that you might use for recruiting people for the next Super Smash Bros. party at your place. These obstacles courses are in 2D and 3D. Sprightly and colourful environments, multiple parallel universes to explore, boss battles and in-game currency for upgrading your space armadillo. Enough to have us giddy and grit our teeth for its coming. Seasoned with more than the right amount of fun and insanity, Armillo is one heck of a title that we’re in for. Armillo will be a Wii U exclusive for a limited time though. It will be ported to other platforms at later dates but until then, it’s a hell of a Wii U exclusive to look forward to.

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  • Eric

    man, bayonetta 2 only on Wii is a heart breaker. the first one was kind of a sleeper hit. when i bought it on 360, i certainly wasn’t expecting the combat to be as manic as fun as it is. maybe when the Wii U becomes cheaper…

  • WellWisher

    Scram Kitty but no Smash?

    Edit: I guess it’s technically not an exclusive as it’s coming to 3DS.

  • Carlos

    I’m only exited for 6, but my budget will be of only 5:

    Mario Kart 8
    Super Smash Bros 4
    Watch Dogs

    The last one could be Zelda U, but to be fair, i do not think that game will be ready for this year. So My money will be on Bayonetta 2, but only if they bundle it with Bayonetta 1 or find a way for me to play Bayonetta 1 on the Wii U for cheap, I do not like to play or see sequel with out see the prequel.

    If neither of those games is ready the other two contenders are: Hyrule Warriors or shin megami tensei vs fire emblem

  • PatcherStation

    Mario Kart 8 will be a great game, shame it won’t be a console seller. Tropical Freeze was discounted at launch and I’m guessing it’s not sold too well. Recently played Bayonetta on the Xbox 360, it was a bit poor. Can’t see how Bayonetta 2 will pull in the coin (again, it won’t be a console seller). But I’ll give it a go when it falls in price (probably quick), but best to pick it up when it’s cheaper used. Some Wii U games have dropped to under £10 new.


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