Wii U RAM is 43% slower than PS3/360 RAM

The entire thing is now a farce.

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Wii U has a DDR3 RAM which is something you normally find in desktop systems. Why is that bad? Because a console is supposed to have a long life and things like these can get really crippling after some point in time.

However, it is being reported that the system has 2GB RAM in total, which is quite good.

The Wii U has a Hynix memory which is slower than what DDR3’s maximum speed is, which is 17 GB/s. The Wii U’s speed is reported to be 12 GB/s which is half the speed of PS3’s XDR which has a memory bandwidth of 25 GB/s.

The Xbox 360 has a 22 GB/s memory bandwidth and has GDDR3 memory. So what’s the reason for Nintendo to do with such a slower speed RAM? Of course, it’s the price, they wanted to make it affordable, but when you consider it’s 2012 and the RAM is slower than consoles released in 2005, that’s gotta sting.

The console recently underwent a teardown at some sites and the Hynix memory was outed during Anandtech’s teardown.

Via Neogaf.

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  • Wii sucked big time, Nintendo promised to go REVOLUTIONARY with the WiiU, obviously they were lying and it looks like WiiU will suck just as much

    • They never said the Wii was going to revolutionary in the sense it was going to be stupidly powerful. It was revolutionary in the sense of how we played the console and who played the console, millions of people who had never been interested in gaming bought a Wii, it was revolutionary that’s a fact. They’re doing a similar thing again with controls and appealing to everybody instead of just ‘hardcore’ gamers. The Wii sucked in your opinion, there are plenty of people who think it was great.

    • Dude, I didnt say revolutionary about the wii, I said it about the WiiU.
      And, I dont see how the Wii is revolutionary for having made Grandpa and Grandma pick up a stick and start waving it. Sorry man, I respect your opinion but Nintendo came up with some good ideas in the 90s and have been living off them till now, for christ’s sake every Mario game almost looks exactly the same. I just feel that REAL gaming is now for PlayStation and Xbox gamers

    • I know you didn’t say about the Wii not being revolutionary I was just stating that the way in which the Wii was revolutionary is the same way the Wii U is. When Nintendo do something revolutonary it doesn’t mean it’s going to be a powerhouse, it means it’ll revolutionise the way we play. And yes most Mario games look the same (to be fair there are games like Mario Galaxy which is completely different to the Super Mario Bro’s series) but how is that any different to all the ‘hardcore’ games like the Call of Duty series?

    • Difference is they’re advanced, when what you repeat is nukes, jumping from planes, blasting through doors in slo-mo, epic set-pieces, etc. then it’s kinda ok (and I’m not a big fan of COD btw). But when what you repeat is some guy jumping on turtles and collecting coins, then that is SOOO not ok, what is this the 80s?

    • Lionel Maduro

      Sounds like you’re a real action junkie, which is alright 😉 Thing is some games are just plain fun to play.. And if you take a good look at Mario Bros. U, and compare it to all the previous ones you’ll see it has evolved quite a bit with more complicated mechanics (like moving coins, enemies reacting to music dynamic backgrounds and a lot more) the gameplay has gotten smoother with also more power ups, modes to play in, challenges, DLC, etc. It’s gotten a lot more advanced also! But because it’s accessible for a lot of people it isn’t as obvious as with the more intense games. It’s quite an achievement to make a game pretty complicated but still easy to pick up and quickly learn.
      Besides that, if you describe mario games as abstract as a guy jumping on turtles and collecting coins, you could change your epic nukes, planes, explosions and slo-mo of shooters to just a bunch of guys running around in a confined simulation trying to kill each other the most times before a timer runs out, which is even more detailed.. Actually: It’s just 10 guys running around shooting at eachother.. 😉

      You said something about “Real Gaming”.. what does that mean? Is your definition of real gaming gaming with the highest possible graphics? or just shooters? or shooters and rpgs? or does it depend on the amount of time you spend on it? If you look at some of the greatest games in history they weren’t great because of the graphics or power behind it, but because of their concept, new things they brought, gameplay, and most importantly how fun it was to play. Halo was great because it revolutionized the way you played a shooter, not because of its graphics or power, COD and Battlefield are a great franchises because of their well built multiplayer and gameplay mechanics, Fable was great because of it’s gameplay mechanics and choices, Uncharted was great because of the great playing out the story concept, Journey was awesome because of it’s serenity and mysteriousness. Minecraft is a great game purely because of the fun gameplay. Assasins Creed, Tomb Raider, Prince of persia, Borderlands, Total War, Age of Empires, The Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect, GTA, Half Life, Portal, Bioshock, Tekken, Street Fighter, God of War, Fallout, and Final Fantasy, the list goes on and on: Great games are first and foremost great because they are really fun and engaging to play and graphics and power are just supporting it. Real Games are fun to play that’s what’s making it a game so real games don’t belong on any device, they belong with gamers, a real game is a game that’s being played and enjoyed by someone.

    • Actually, I’m not that much of an action guy (I just used it in an example), I’m more into rpg and open world sandbox stuff, I also like stories and characters, which Nintendo gives you nothing of. For me a real game is a complete package (or close enough to complete); it has to have a story (not necessarily a GREAT one), good characters, good gameplay, graphics is very much appreciated but not a MUST. So like I said Nintendo gives you good gameplay only, that’s like 1/3, which is not good enough for me

  • Snake_Boss22

    Nintendo always lying

    • Nintendo haven’t announced the full specs yet so how on Earth can they have been lying?

    • cal

      Nintendo Never lied about this spec shit-for-brains.

  • so?

    the speed is irrelevant. The amount is all that matters

    I love the trolls below

  • Anon

    It’s really unfortunate that there are ignorant and incompetent people with obnoxious mouths and opinions out there who take news about the internal hardware of any system and presume poor performance because they relate it to other hardware which uses a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT architecture.

    You’re all a bunch of f*cking morons for buying into fanboyism, presumptuous assessments, and voicing your ignorant opinion on some wholly incomparable specs. Go back into your mothers’ basements. You’re a disgrace and a detriment to progredd and intellectualism.

    • Nah

      DDR3 is a joke compared to XDR and GDDR3.

    • The Wii U’s DDR3 memory runs at about 17GB/s not 12 which is not that much below the full capacity of 360/PS3. There are no reports yet on it’s eDRAM which could possibly twice the speed of the Wii U. Articles such as this one are pointless until that info is available as we actually only know about half of the Wii U’s architecture so far. It’ll probably end up being as powerful as one and a half 360’s which isn’t as great as the PS4 will be but it’s still more powerful than anything available but as I said we don’t know enough about it’s insides to know if it’s only a tiny bit better than current gen consoles or a lot better.

  • Fack that! I am saving my money for ps4..

    • cal

      i bet you don’t even know what this article means. Troll.

  • gimmegimmekevin

    What do you mean “it’s being reported” to have 2GB RAM?

    Nintendo said a long time ago that it did.

  • Wiihater

    For all you nintendog retards they are comparing a new generation wii to older generation systems. Which means when Sony and Microsoft release there new generation systems (same generation as wii U) then once again Nintendo will be the outdated piece of sh*t hardware that it was since the GameCube was released. Nintendo will always be a step behind in tech due to the little kiddies and momas boys when parents don’t want to spend money on games. My suggestion to all you Nintendo closet hiders is to grow up, get a job and move on to a real gaming system instead of living in your Pokemon fantasy worlds and quit trying to defend something that will NEVER be any better than the last generation AKA 7 year old systems.

    • John

      Wow, you didn’t do any research, did you? First of all, the Gamecube was more powerful than the PS2 and Dreamcast. Second of all, you describe Nintendo in terms that would mean it’s for kids around 6-8, yet Microsoft’s going for kids who are 1-5. The Wii U is better than the PS3 and Xbox 360, just suck it up, and finally, it sounds like you’re venting YOUR problems on not having a job and living in a closet, because no sane person who can hold down a job would type something like that and take THEIR PREFERRED VIDEO GAME SYSTEM seriously.

    • Nintendo have been in the gaming industry around about 30 years and they’re still going strong, Microsoft and Sony are just barely hanging on, Sony won’t last long enough to reach PS5. Nintendo is gaming they cater to children, they cater to teenagers, they cater to adults. I’m guessing you only got into gaming last gen with the 360/PS3 and think any game without guns and explosions is childish. It’s been proven since the beginning of the gaming industry that the most powerful console is hardly ever the best, it’s not the power it’s what you do with it. The Wii was weaker than the PS3/360 but it was a hell of a lot more enjoyable to play. My suggestion to you is grow up and stop thinking power means good games.

    • viruzz

      cater to adults? Not to this adult, last time i played Nintendo games was in the early 90s when i was 13-15 years old

      I absolutely dont care about no kiddie/nostalgic crap like the mario, zelda, metroid, kirbey and the rest, its BORING.

      Consoles are about power, and always been, people were waiting for new generations to get better spec to experience NEW things.
      The main problem with wiiU is that it wont give me anything different from what can be done on PS360.

      And dont mention the gimmick gamepad, there is a reason why cars use the same wheel, because it works

    • j-jagger

      Power…. last time power did not mean shit compared to what the machines do back then, the Wii U can do many things without having the latest tech in it but your to stupid to know that with the fact that now people are just getting what they want now because of being “powerful” and giving you something new because of it, hell no they want you to think that. And your an adult but don’t act like one so grow the fuck up and get on with your job and stop complaining about a console because that just kiddie/nostalgic crap coming from a dumass like you.

  • Wiihater

    Oh btw we finally welcome the Nintendo heads to the HD world. Took you guys long enough to jump on board

    • Next stop: REAL online, 2018 is just around the corner

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