Will Fallout 4 Feature An Always Online DRM And Micro-transactions?

This week we speculate unexpected features that may makes its way to Fallout 4.

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Another E3 has come and gone by but Bethesda have not revealed any new information about the next entry in the Fallout franchise. It seems that it will be that way for sometime to come but at least they have been cryptically hinting it via trademark registrations and job listings. Despite the lack of any new details, we will keep speculating on what what Bethesda could add into Fallout 4.

This week we will discuss possible features that could be added into the Fallout 4. Could Bethesda add an always online requirement? With a lot of modern games going online only [example Destiny], we might very well see Fallout 4 bringing the single player and multiplayer components as a single package. This could help Bethesda to add new patches and features on the fly. But again, multiplayer in a Fallout world seems tacked on and unnecessary.

Another feature that is the rage these days are micro-transactions. In my opinion, micro-transactions are not an evil practice unless they are done right. Very few developers get it right these days but Bethesda for one won’t make their fan base angry by adding in-game transactions that will feel tacked on.

What are your thoughts on this and what other features could Bethesda add into Fallout 4? Let us know in the comments section below.

This article is part of our weekly series on Bethesda’s next big entry into the world of Fallout. Through this series we take a look at the possible new features that Bethesda can add into Fallout 4, based on what they implemented in the previous entries and player feedback.

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  • Gabriel

    Speculative clickbait. This site just lost all credibility with me.

  • boogieman

    Im hoping for a fallout 4 i played 3 and new vegas amd wasnt dissapointed with either even tho new vegas was a spinoff but was disatisfied at all with it it was good andits the only game i play thru the whole story mode offline other games story mode are falling off and arent quite good but bethesda is very creative and have an immerseful story plot

  • J-Baby

    This website needs views so badly that they have no standard for content in the articles they publish. The author throws out two unrealistic and uneducated suggestions about a popular game to get clicks, over the course of a fluffy three paragraphs. This entire article could have been said more effectively with one sentence.

    The moderators have deleted two of my posts on this article explaining how unprofessional this, and the rest of this site, is. You’re a journalism business Gamingbolt, and if you can’t handle a review then why enable comments?

    Lol This article made the front page too, talk about quality.

  • Lord Leprosy

    I fell for the “clickbait” despite this article being over a month old. However, I enjoy speculating, so no harm in throwing in my two cents now. After seeing the videos for The Division, where a member of your team joins in the next gen gaming but from a tablet, it got me thinking- wouldn’t it be great to have an ios, windows 8 and android Pipboy app. For true immersion, you could be modifying your weapon, using stimpacks, changing armour and scanning the map, all whilst still being shot at. VATs and Pipboy interaction somewhat took the intensity out of firefights – an intensity that was already rather lacking!
    So yeah, I want intense D-day style gun fights and a real time pipboy app so i don’t have a chance to escape it!

    (obviously an optional feature as not everyone has fancy pants phones and tablets, or even if they do, they might run out of battery and not be sat next to a socket to charge whilst they play)


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