Xbox 360 slims shuts down to prevent RROD

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Its a well known fact that for the first few years of the Xbox 360, the platform was marked by constant hardware failure when the infamous ‘Red Ring of Death’ used to start flashing on the console. Now it seems that the 360 slim will actually be having the same issue, but this time Microsoft are playing a bit smart. In order to prevent a hardware failure for the console, a pop up message will appear on the television sets which will warn the user that the Xbox 360 slim is heating up and will enter in to shut down mode. According to sources this will increase the overall life of the hardware. Check the image below:

Now having said that, imagine a situation where you are playing your favourite game and have just completed a really tough boss battle and DANG!.. the pop up appears. Now that would be really annoying. I am not sure how recursive this issue will be, but we will soon find out. Stay tuned with GamingBolt for more news and updates.

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  • Dan Way

    I personally think it is a great idea, I just bricked my third xbox 360 through RROD and I’m getting quite annoyed with it to be honest, if Microsoft cannot find a real solution then a premature shut down will be good.

    I have never seen this screen on any of my three previous 360’s but I will accept that it can come up on them, my problems must have been slightly different.

    Another solution is to not use the console too much and not keep it in a cabinet or something, I know far too many people who spend far too long in their hot stuffy rooms with their 360’s in a confined space.

    Finally all you haters of Microsoft, why don’t you try designing a console and see how reliable that is, do you really think Microsoft with their vast wealth and resources would not be able to do better than some normal person from the street? And considering the amount of Warranty Claims they have had to fund since 2005 I think they would have solved the problem if they could.

  • Walter

    Or you could just buy a PS3 LOL

  • Klinger

    As I recall, the PS2 slim overheated all the time… it’s too bad people can’t enjoy things, and only parade flaws instead.

  • diarrhea

    i love giving microsoft most of my money no problem. they’re the best tech company. if they want me to sell my kidney to buy their products– it’s done; no problem. i’d do it again… of course i could only technically do it twice since i onl y have 2 kidneys. i’ll give them my money everytime coz it’s definitely worth it.

  • This Is a great idea in my opinion. Although I thought the PS3 already has this?

  • hey ppl i have the new xbox “S” and i think its pretty bad ass to tell the truth i havent had a problem from it yet not even any heating issues but i will tell you the fan does pull out alot of heat its not really whisper quiet but it is all but silent you barely hear it running unless your tv is down very low but really if you dont have it soon as your current one dies, by the new one.

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