Xbox 720 Release Could Cause PS3 to Overtake Xbox 360

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The analysts are at it again, and this time, they’ve issued a statement that might appear equal parts obvious and equal parts baffling to those unaccustomed to the mechanisms and machinations of the gaming market.

According to M2 Research analyst Billy Pidgeon, if Microsoft release a new console now, it could and probably would cause the PS3 to overtake the Xbox 360.

“Should Microsoft release a successor to Xbox 360 and shift the pipeline for hardcore games over to the new consoles, that would be a possible scenario by which PS3 could bypass Xbox 360’s active installed base,” Pidgeon told Industry Gamers.

“This scenario would give PS3 the opportunity to soak up the hardcore sector,” he said.

On the one hand, this makes total sense- if Microsoft release a next gen console, then sales for the 360 will taper off. Many people, who might not have the kind of premium money that Microsoft would presumably charge for their next system, would then settle for a PS3 over an Xbox 360, as buying a system when it’s successor has been released would be seen redundant. This is mostly what happened with the Genesis against the Super Nintendo back in the 1990’s.

The problem, though, is that Pidgeon would chalk down these excess PS3 sales to the hardcore gamers- and we know that hardcore gamers would flock to the new hardware over buying technology that will soon be completing its fifth year on the market. Was Pidgeon confused, then, or does he have different definitions of these terms than we do? Or did he, like all analysts, have no idea what he was talking about?


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  • Im going to get the xbox 720. Don’t want to wait any longer for next Gen and ps4 will be overpriced at launch.

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  • who cares? if microsoft launches the next generation before sony does, the last thing they’ll be worried about is the sales of their old console.

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  • I really don’t see Sony or Microsoft releasing new PlayStation and Xbox anytime soon, especially when PS3 just entered 3D era and Xbox 360 getting Kinect.

    In my mind, it just doesn’t make sense to have new console out as early as 2012 since there won’t be big difference in graphics compare to current gen and I’m not really impressed with Wii U’s graphics either.

    Sure Wii U’s graphic seems to be better than PS3 and Xbox 360, but it’s not even close to day to night difference(from the videos I’ve seen) and I feel that PS3 and Xbox 360 could still stay competitive against Nintendo’s new console.

    • “there won’t be a big difference in graphics”

      dude, the current gen hardware is 7 years old… recent hardware is FAR superior.

    • Dude, that’s because you’re comparing current gen’s graphic to computer’s graphic with latest graphics card and do your research buddy, because current gen console has been around for only 5 years(Xbox 360 alone for 6 years).

      Even if they release new console next year, due to console parts costs and all that, the best they can do is to use somewhat low to middle Radeon 5000 GPU for the next gen and with it, there won’t be big difference compare to current gen’s graphic.

      People tends to often mistake if new console is being released it’s going to have comparable graphics to latest GPU, but heck no, that’s just being wishful and being silly.

      Also, Sony clearly said they’re NOT going overboard with specs like they did with PS3 and Microsoft is also thinking of having interesting console for the next gen rather than any power house consoles so don’t even dream of console having comparable graphics to PC any time soon, that’s just not possible.


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