Xbox E3 Survey Asks Users About Nintendo Switch Including Which Features They Find Most Appealing

Does Microsoft fear the Nintendo Switch?

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The Nintendo Switch’s success has caught everybody off guard– and while there are questions about Nintendo’s ability to sustain that success over the long term, there is also the very real threat of the Switch crowding out Xbox as the ‘other’ gaming platform, and making it less and less relevant in terms of mindshare.

Apparently, Microsoft, too, is very interested in the Switch, because in a survey it sent out to its users ahead of E3 next week, it asked several questions about the Switch and its appeal. The survey was first spotted by members of NeoGAF, and asks users what the most and least appealing aspects of the Switch are. Possible appealing points for the Switch that are listed include local multiplayer, microSD card storage, controller, price, games library, and of course, its signature feature, the portability.

The question is, why is Microsoft so interested in the Switch? Does it view the system as competition for Xbox? Does it, too, fear that the Switch may undercut the impending Scorpio? Is it planning a product that could be a Switch competitor? These are all questions that we hope are answered in the near future.

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  • Alistein

    What a stupid article. You write an article without even putting out the meat. There is no proof other than referencing a forum site and just what are the questions that lead to the title. At least get the questions and show how it leads to the title. I thought after the fake ready at dawn impostor article written here, there’d be more competent writing here, but I guess I was wrong.

    • Troy Marcel

      The questions were what you liked and disliked about the switch.

    • Alistein

      Thanks for the questions.
      My point is at least show a pic or 2 to show the validity and site a reputable source for example when they Phil Spencer’s tweet make the news there is usually a screen shot and the Quoted message. This seemed like it came straight from the tabloids.

    • Pramath (the author) is a PS4 fanboy. He takes every opportunity to dig at XB.

  • Troy Marcel

    And I chose nothing, because the switch doesn’t interest me one bit.

    • Agent_Blade

      Then why are you even here?

    • Troy Marcel

      Because it has Xbox in the title, and I have my opinion.

  • I didn’t get the survey, but as an owner of the switch, the biggest thing for me is portability. Being able to play Zelda on the couch and wherever for a month until I beat it was an amazing experience. Hopefully they do something similar for XB360 digital games for example. Can you imagine that – the 360 library on a portable? 🙂

    • Troy Marcel

      The survey is on Bing rewards

    • Just thought of another idea – a prior gen portable would also push more people into buying digital vs physical, which would hopefully drive down prices further/faster

  • Mr Xrat

    MS totally failed to understand why the Xbone was such a flop and attempted to copy the wrong console. Little too late for an E3 rewrite now.

  • Dougdec92

    Lol, the switch has games and it is cheap


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