Xbox One Dev: Microsoft Reserves The Right To Ban Unreleased/Beta Consoles, Details Kinect Gestures

‘Personally, I hope it’s only a temporary suspension until launch day.’

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A user has apparently got his hands on an Xbox One and is tweeting information about the console which is actually due for release on November 22nd. Microsoft have since banned his console meaning he won’t be able to access several online features, something that the Xbox One is touting for sometime now.

However a Xbox Dev believes that the ban is necessary as it may lead to misinformation and PR disasters. He also stated that the Microsoft reserves the right to ban any Unreleased/Beta Consoles under their terms of service.

“He did buy a product, a product not released until the 22nd. The product was delivered in error, but that doesn’t change the fact it’s an unreleased product and most likely classified as a beta product. Microsoft reserves the right to suspend/ban that console under the TOS.

That being said, I was ambivalent about the leaks we saw today. Leaks are seldom good for the development team, even if they are positive. It represents thousands of hours of work that may or may not be in an unfinished state. All it takes is one instance of something that was mis-communicated or misconstrued, throw that through the internet media machine and you’ve got a disaster.

On the flip side, it was quite refreshing and encouraging to see everything we’ve done received so well. It was a little emotional for me when I saw numerous approving responses to Marc and Yusif’s demo yesterday morning. I think many of us on the team sometimes forget to take a step back and see the product work as a whole because when you work on the console, all you see are the features that still need work and the bugs that need fixing. At least this was the case for the past 6 months or so.”

Personally, I hope it’s only a temporary suspension until launch day.

He also explained that swiping gestures won’t be a part of the Xbox One.

“This is something I haven’t seen us show yet. There aren’t any swiping gestures for UI navigation like what was shown at the reveal.

You start with an open palm at about chest level for a hand to show up, waving is gone. To scroll left or right, you “grab” the virtual dashboard pane and form a fist. Then you can move your fist left and right. Very much like click and drag in maps. Selection is done by pressing. Hence the large metro square and rectangle designs. Makes pressing virtual buttons easier.”

Less than two weeks to go and the drama surrounding Xbox One continues. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • A guy with no name

    He didn’t sign a NDA which means he can do whatever he wants with his LEGAL console.

    Micro$oft is in Legal Trouble now.

    • John Joe Silver

      2.4 of this agreement he’s in breach of the agreement they can ban his console

    • Edonus

      Not a lawyer I see.

    • spideynut71

      You should change your name to “A guy with no brain”.

    • lolwhathaha


    • Slay

      People this stupid shouldn’t reply.

    • spideynut71

      People that stupid shouldn’t be allowed to live.

    • Gob1in

      You must be one of the idiots from NeoGAF who believe that violating the Terms of Use does not warrant any punishment.

    • Peter Strabow

      If you buy the Xbox One, you have only one right. To be a paying customer.

  • You are flat out wrong

    And, “Xbone Dev,” I reserve the right to not touch the Xbone with a bargepole and hope that all your hard work is for nothing when based future CEO Stephen Elop wraps up the Xbox brand.

    • lolwhathaha

      Good for you, yet for some reason you feel like you need to post on the xbox one everytime you seem to have a hard on for it more than you do a Playstation4.

    • Slay

      He’s just mad that the xbox one is where all the games are at.

    • You are flat out wrong

      What games? Xbone has no games.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      fanboi confirmed

    • cubs223425

      As an Xbox fan who has never owned a PS3 and has no interest in buying the PS4, you’re an unintelligent troll. There are several PS4 games worth getting.

    • Slay

      Wrong answer. Going by your avatar, it’s easy to see how your taste is so bad.

    • cubs223425

      By YOUR avatar, you’re nobody, so…I guess whatever.
      Avatars determine nothing of value in the world, so stop trolling.

      I love Halo more than any other gaming franchise, and I’d pick an Xbox with Halo alone over any other console in existence and its top-5 games (by my determination), but I’d still be ecstatic if the Xbox One could get the Killzone, God of War, MLB: The Show, and Kingdom Hearts (before Kingdom Hearts III) franchises in their entirety.

    • Slay

      Have fun with the waistation. It’s not like you got any games.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      amusing how retards like you still say this both systems line ups are almost the same and ass

    • Slay

      Keep telling yourself that


    • Luna Kazemaru

      only one delusional is clearly you but that’s fanboy’s for you.

    • Slay


    • You are flat out wrong

      PS4 has loads of games. Meanwhile Xbone has 360 ports at launch then nothing until a multiplat in March. And even then, the chance of my console getting banned because I said something rude about Larry Hryb which Kinect picked up is high.

    • cubs223425

      Waist: “body area between ribs and hips: the part of the human trunk between the
      rib cage and the hips, usually narrower than the rest of the trunk”

      Waste: “unwanted material: unwanted or unusable items, remains, or byproducts, or household garbage”

      If you’re going to troll, at least be semi-accurate with your delivery.

  • Mike Greenway


  • Peter Strabow

    That is how Microsoft is treating their customers. Disrepectful. Don’t sell the console early, don’t launch the Day 1 update before Nov 22, but stop punishing your last remaining supporters after the E3 fiasco.

    • cubs223425

      Nope. Just nope.

      I’m sure they put the update up early so devs and employees could download it and test its stability, for starters. Also, they didn’t sell that console early, Target shipped it early.

    • Peter Strabow

      And from whom Target got the console so early? Is that usual for a discounter? I don’t think so.

    • cubs223425

      What, you think they don’t send them out to prepare for pre-order and stocking early? My guess is some turd in the Target warehouse wanted to pull a joke and send one out early, in my opinion.

  • xb1 gonna be doodoo

    You make no agreement at purchase. A ToS is not a binding legal document. Nothing can prove he agreed to the ToS, just that someone agreed to the ToS. So all the barracks lawyers, you are wrong.

    • joe

      but you do make an agreement when you sign up for xbox live which is what he did. so do they have the right? yes. did they do the right thing? no. It’s not his fault the console was delivered early, it seems microsoft is trying to hide things, disappointments? false promises? All I know is that Xbox one embargo dates are further out than every other console and that Shuhei Yoshida of Playstation said they won’t ban PS4s that are released early.

  • Obambush

    Seems fair enough, good thing he can still play his games offline.

    • Obambush

      Not a permanent ban

  • Imperial Captain Zimmerman

    Microsoft lost me as a potential consumer for X1. You guys are worst than Blizzards GM or FB staff

  • Obambush

    BTW this isn’t a permanent ban.

  • Magikalchemy

    Well, I can see Sony benefiting from this guy’s ban. They can send him a free PS4. What’s a few hundred bucks when you can gain so many more customers from that one gesture. Thanks Playstation. There’s your free marketing.

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  • cubs223425

    “However a Xbox Dev believes that the ban is necessary as it may lead to misinformation and PR disasters.”

    Oh, the irony. Does he not realize that the ban IS the P.R. disaster? It’s like the Xbox gaming team is great at its job, while all of the executives and P.R. people are babbling monkeys.

    • Slay

      Look at you making a dupe account and pretending to be a fan of xbox, when we know your true intentions. Btw, your reply to me below is very contradicting, considering this post you just made… Jason Mounce.

  • Hugh Bear

    The kid was straight up disrespectful – couldn’t he have ASKED Microsoft for permission? I suppose you’d like it if some invader came into your home and filmed your children in bed and put the video on Youtube?
    [Will this do, Sanjay?]


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