Xbox One Elite Controller Now usable on PS4- If You Buy This Third Party Device

This is all sorts of neat.

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Xbox One Elite Controller

While there is no doubt that the standard DualShock 4 is better than the vanilla Xbox One controller, Microsoft got the last laugh in the controller wars this generation when they released the sleek, modular, fully customizable, gorgeous Xbox One Elite Controller earlier this year. It looks absolutely amazing, and is probably the way to go for most serious gamers. Unfortunately, since it only works on Xbox One, it is unavailable to a large segment of the population.

But now, thanks to the CronusMAX PLUS, you can sue an Xbox One Elite controller even on PS4. The CronusMAX PLUS is a third party USB dongle that lets you use any controller on your PS4- and now, with a new new firmware update, that includes the Xbox One Elite controller too.

We’ve included a video below for you to see how this works. I’m not sure if this introduces any element of lag, since all inputs must now go through the dongle and its conversion mechanism (and that has to take time), but still, this is pretty cool to see, I guess.

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  • heima

    “While there is no doubt that the standard DualShock 4 is better than the vanilla Xbox One controller”
    I might suggest that there are a few doubts that undermine this opinion that the DS4 is better than the “vanilla” Xbox One controller, but if you say so…

    • CubicalLake7

      THIS!!! The DualShock 4 is not better than a standard Xbox One Controller. The standard XB1 controller is now programmable. It also has better build quality and feels better in my hand. AND YES THIS IS MY OPINION. Meaning there is “DOUBT” as my opinion counts.

    • lagann

      I think you can change ds4 button mappings for a few months now.

      Also while ds3 was/is a piece of crap, the ds4 is vastly improved…i would say the vanilla x1 controller and ds4 are about the same built quality.

      Where the vanilla x1 controller starts pulling ahead is size, layout, ergonomics, option for removable battery, and better quality sticks.

    • i_freethinker

      I actually use a CronusMAX for my PS4 controller on an Xbox One to play Mortal Kombat X 🙂

  • chippyGuy

    This is funny. Good luck getting the controller firmware updates that Microsoft puts out through xbox that are required for controllers to work properly. Go buy the elite pathetic sheep. Microsoft will take your $.

  • ShoNuff

    “While there is no doubt that the standard DualShock 4 is better than the vanilla Xbox One controller”
    No….just, no.

  • i_freethinker

    I have used a CronusMAX for the last year – there is zero lag. It’s used in pro tournaments in Europe too – ESL showcased it at Comicon in London this year that their Mortal Kombat X tournament – it’s also won awards and you can even buy it in any Best Buy in America and Gamestop just picked it up too – its a kickass device 🙂

    • lagann

      If it works like you say it does, zero lag, then that might sway me into getting a ps4 in the future.

  • NYGiants4Natic

    I stopped reading after this idiot said the vanilla controller on xbox one was not as good as DS4….What a complete moron….DS4 is just an upgrade to the garbage DS3. Sony might have the 1080p but their controller is like 720p to the xbox one elite which is 4K

  • Mr Xrat

    lmao Xbox fanboys in denial. The DS4 wipes the floor with whatever you call that thing you control games with. Deal with it. 🙂

  • Mark

    Now that’s amazing

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