Xbox One Exec: We Are Bullish About The Exclusive Lineup This Year, Can’t Get Any Better Than This

“I don’t know whether there is anything else that would make it better,” says Xbox India boss, Anshu Mor.

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Forza Motorsport 6

Microsoft had an amazing turn of events this year. After a great showing at E3 2015, the Redmond based company carried their momentum with a fantastic showcase of games at Gamescom last month. The Xbox One arguably has the best line up of games for the next few months with some big titles like Forza Motorsport 6, Halo 5 Guardians and many more all due for a release soon.

Obviously, this puts Microsoft in a rather comfortable state despite its lagging in sales against the PS4. GamingBolt recently caught up with Xbox boss of India, Anshu Mor and asked him whether he feels the exclusive offerings will help the console catch up with the PS4.

“Obviously. In this industry every year when games are launched everybody says this is a great line up of games, but I personally know the category in the industry very well. This is really the greatest line up that could possibly happen,” Anshu explained to GamingBolt. “All the big franchises that we have are launching this year and it’s phenomenal from that perspective, right? To get a Gears of War, a Halo, a Forza and a Tomb Raider all in half a year, it’s not even a year, is just absolutely fantastic.

Anshu further explains that there are three reasons behind this, one of them being the diverse line up of games. “There are three components involved in this and explains why we are superbly bullish about this right now. One is the greatest line up of games and it’s all about every genres coming together in a single year. It can’t get better for a console gamer on Xbox this year.”

He also explained why backwards compatibility and Xbox One’s integration will go a long way in giving consumers what they want.

“The second is bringing these Xbox 360 games back to the Xbox One platform with the backwards compatibility feature. It’s such a delight to consumers that all the investments they have made in the previous platform will be utilized and they will be able to play those games. So the portfolio increases and then am sure you must have heard about Windows 10’s games integration with Xbox One. There are a lot of cool features like streaming a game from your Xbox One to Windows 10 but that aside just think about what we are going to do with the community that will bring together PC and Xbox One players. Really, it can’t get any better than this, I don’t know whether there is anything else that would make it better.”

It seems that Microsoft is in a state of transition and its new found commitment for PC gaming could actually benefit the console in the long run. We will see how all of this pans out. Stay tuned for our full interview with Anshu Mor in the coming days.

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  • Edonus

    Anyone with a brain and not flowing some agenda knows the Xbox one line up is really good and the console itself is a great product. The problem still lies with the gaming media. They went so hard against the Xbox one from launch that it is hard for them to fully legitimize the Xbox One to their readers with out exposing themselves.
    They attacked the policies, Kinect, the media functions, TV integration, games going to PC, and blew the resolution differences up way bigger than the real performance difference actually are.
    They cant just come out and say “The Xbox One is a great product with a good games, great visuals, and great features no matter what you compare it too”.

    • rudero

      Could you list the agenda? I mean, listing facts about the console is not an agenda and as far as comparisons, those sites are partnered with Microsoft. If they would have stopped then microsofts agenda would have been shown.
      I would get your point if you were to say the fans in the comment sections but, I can not think of any bashing from any reputable site.
      The line up is the exact same as last year, and 2012, and 2011… Why would it now be the best?

    • Mark

      Well my main beef with some of these sites is they use NeoGaf, of all places, to source their rumours, “insider info” and just general negative news about the Xbox. Case in point, I enjoy GamingBolt, but they, like so many others last week, questioned Quantum Break’s resolution, cuz some guy on Gaf found Remedy’s Siggraph pdf, saw “720p” in it, and attempted to become their DigitalFoundry lol.

      This kind of stuff happened from launch, with fraudulent “insiders” like Thuway, PeteDodd, Cboat, and Tidux, flat out spreading disinfo, in u know who’s favor. Like the X1 having a broken UI at launch, Sony buying up massive 3rd party exclusives, to Microsoft bribing them to “praise” their games if they bought em plane tickets to this year’s E3, and there’s a long list of messed up crap. That stuff takes a toll on peoples’ mind with respect to perception, especially if u have the IGNs and Gamespot’s sourcing NeoGaf. I don’t know if they’re intentionally being a certain way, but after Thuway had his skirt lifted, I’d never use them again.

      If this was Beyond3D’s forum they use, it’d actually TEACH us something, those dudes are very informed on the hardware and software ends of these systems. I’ll say this tho, Shinobi from Gaf is the real deal imo, and not surprisingly, he’s balanced with his news.

    • Edonus

      “They attacked the policies, Kinect, the media functions, TV integration, games going to PC, and blew the resolution differences up way bigger than the real performance difference actually are.”
      The thing is attacking something and giving facts aren’t the same thing. As an example, I have seen articles on IGN that imply that if you disconnect your Kinect your system gets more powerful…. then I see commenters on sites and forums telling me and others in conversation that if you disconnect you Kinect the system runs faster……? This is 100% wrong, it is not real in any shape form or way. But that is one more message floating around backed by a major information site that devalues a product that was/is a major part of the system.
      There are tons of things like this that go unchecked and the correct information is out there but that is how you know its an agenda.
      And Forza Halo Gears and Fable are genre defining franchises and they regularly evolve and improve…. so the idea that you are getting too much of them is “f%^king” stupid. Especially when you consider that with the Xbox One they are still surrounded by other games like Ryse, Titanfall, Dead Rising 3, Sunset Overdrive, Tomb Raider, Rare replay, SMITE, Project Spark, Killer Instinct, Gaigantic, Recore, and Quantum Break just to name a few. Not to mention they still get all the 3rd party game too. Its like being mad at a football team for having their star Quarterback, star Running back, and star Wide receiver on the field as much as possible.

    • rudero

      Totally lost me but I will try
      The fans do not want the policies, the Kinect, the media functions and same game titles on repeat. That is not an agenda it is a fact. You say halo, fable, forza and gears is defining. To whom? To you? Fable doesn’t sell that well nor does forza. All said games have not brought anything new or as interesting as their first versions. Your small list of games is all that there is. For the last four years.
      Now, we can all like anything but if you think sites like ign have an agenda. Then you can only be mad at Microsoft because they made ign. The original site was called teamxbox. Gizmodo, ign, Engadget, eurogamer, polygon, Forbes, msn, are just a tiny few all with connections with Microsoft. They started the comparisons for the even smaller of differences in multiplats last gen. Most have closed and eurogamer is using the PC to downplay any victory. They just couldn’t have made it obvious by no longer caring this gen because the Xbox was having issues.

    • Edonus

      You kill your own argument from the beginning.
      “The fans do not want the policies, the Kinect, the media functions and same game titles on repeat.” Then You say “we can all like anything “.

      This is why I dont argue about what people like or opinions. I personally love kinect but my argument for it isnt whether you should like it but the fact that it adds function that nothing else can duplicate. What the value is of the innovations is up to the consumer, and its sad to say that the reality is that media influences peoples decisions and what these media outlets have done is not present the products evenly or fairly…. which is what consumers that listen to them expect.
      And you totally expose yourself (this will be the last civil comment I have for you do to this ignorance) when you dont recognize Halo, Gears, and Forza as genre defining franchises and Fable as a successful franchise. Each main iteration has sold well over 3 million units, Fable 2 had some nominations and won some GOTY awards. Then you ignore all the other game that are wrapped around these games trying to really buoy this notion that these are the only games that come out. You taint any type of logic you try to muster by doing that.

      And I dont care if IGN or one of these sites was created by Jesus….. they are reporting misinformation and representing products incorrectly and it is wrong. Who made what when and why doesnt matter, the only thing that matters is the information is wrong. And again you taint your argument with comment like “Xbox was having issues”. I have an Xbox and have not had a single issue. this falls back to the false notions spread by these sites you mention but

      Don’t worry the corrupt gaming media will make all the weak minded consumers think they struck gold……..I sit in my plush $1500 chair, puffing a $30 cigar, sipping on a $100 whiskey knowing….. “I am better than them because I know better”.

    • rudero

      No, I do not kill my argument. You and everyone else can like what they want. According to sales that made policies change spoke about a majority of gaming fans. This does not mean it is wrong on what they wanted to do, it just means majority of consumer said no.
      These “negative” or misinformation articles were nothing but fact checks. You are most likely thinking of gossip sites like neogaf and the fanbase that runs it. You would have to link to me these hate and misinformation articles you speak of. Listing facts about what most consumers should have known about with what they purchase is not hating on anything. Showing the weaker side of multiplat games on a weaker console was also something that was created from Microsoft so if they got bit by their own advertising mottos from the 360 days, this is their fault for convincing all of their loyal customers that having the best versions of multiplats mattered. Once again, no negative articles stating these issues.
      Those games are not huge. Halo, gears, yes. Yes, over time, the other games did good numbers but, these are not you massive sellers like Microsoft, once again, would brag about with their marketing dollars and a lot of those sales were due to 360 bundles for fable and forza. Genre defining? No way. I will give you the purchase of bungie/halo for what Microsoft secured for console gaming but then it is just a repeating game after that with halo 2 doing better at story telling then the original. Gears, good, not defining and lost steam same as forza and fable.

      False notions everywhere. Funny how you say Xbox was having troubles but not for you when everyone on this earth knew about the ddos attacks which, in fact, proves there were issues with the service but these sites you speak of, outside of recognizing the issue, which you do not, plastered pictures of a ps4 with “hacked” in red all over the place about the same issues and you blame the media for attacking Microsoft? Pfft. Ok. Microsoft has a long way to go until you actually have misinformed information about a product like Sony had received for years. There are smart people now. You can research any and all issues and not have to depend on those sites.

    • ArtimusGG

      I think this article and the XB1 positioning in the industry now reflects how little those things mattered in the long run. Good games are good games and XB is doing a good job of saying, now, or in a month or two, you can enjoy great next gen titles. It’s not about some game off in the distant future, though they have that also with Crackdown, Quantum Break, Scalebound, and new Gears, it’s about right now you can play phenomenal games and you will have a great time. I’m a very happy XB1 owner and their emphasis on games as well as updating the UI, improving the controllers’ audio jack, and more show me XB is heading in the right direction.

    • Jecht_Sin

      The holiday line up is good. Before that there was nearly nothing. And please don’t give me Ori as some do, because I raise with a small game like Rocket League. But yeah, Rocket League is for PC as well. Oh.. wait!

  • Kfal Balli

    Ironically there is a chance their line-up next year is much better. Quantum Break, Scalebound, Possible Battletoads, Gears 4, Sea of Thieves, ReCore, Cuphead & Crackdown 3. I wouldn’t be surprised if a new Dead Rising or Ryse pops up out of no where.

    • ArtimusGG

      I feel that the PS4 is focusing on the future, while XB1 has a now and future that are both great. In just a few weeks we have Forza 6 and Halo 5, Tomb Raider soon to come. PS4 may have a nice lineup later but besides Uncharted there isn’t anything I’ve seen that’s exclusive to their console and worth looking twice at.

    • Ucouldntbemorewrong

      I think both are focusing on Now and future in different ways you got Star Wars / Bo3 / Destiny etc DLC coming first to PS4 and future with UC4 and Streetfighter, with Tomorrows Children etc. XB1 now with Halo/ F6 / Gears etc. Future with Quantum B, and Crackdown. Its a really good time to be a gamer. Now only if Ubisoft would sail their ship right before the Division release.

    • Mark

      I’m still hoping The Division is good…

    • ArtimusGG

      Yea but besides Tomb Raider XB1 has exclusives not just timed stuff. It is definitely a good time to be a gamer though, never had so much fun gaming and actually some great f2p games too.

    • rudero

      So you are saying that a console with only two AAA exclusives since launch and a horrible last three years of its previous console thinks about the now and the future?!
      I remember all the Xbox fans in comment sections defending the Xbox brand for its lack of exclusives saying Microsoft was saving everything for the new xbox. We all remember the reveal and it was the exact same crap as the previous four years.
      Microsoft is only thinking about the future with no ability to actually see it. Their history is full of stealing ideals or just buying everything they think is the trend and everything they spend their money is to manipulate and control the consumer.
      That is their future.

    • This Guy

      Stealing ideas? Can you list some examples?
      Buying everything else? What have Sony been doing this whole gen? Exclusive marketing rights. Timed exclusives on DLC. SFV. Just off the top of my head.
      Spending money to manipulate and control the consumer? Do I have to remind you of the whole PS Vita fiasco?

    • Jecht_Sin

      Huh? The PS4 has been focusing on the Future, the Now and the Past. Where were the Xbone exclusives when the PS4 was (and still is) rolling them out?

      Regarding next year Uncharted 4, Horizon, The Last Guardian, No Man’s Sky etc are worth more than a look.

    • ArtimusGG

      Next year they have games, but this fall? The “now?”

    • Kfal Balli

      Yeah you’re right. I’m lookijng forward to seeing what else Rare is working on.

    • Mark

      Same here, 2016 will be better…

  • Bob Bilbo

    This comment section seems to civilised. :O

    Its usually at least 1 argument about who’s is better by now…

    • Mark


  • Mark

    I’m enjoying ma X1, but these guys gotta stop saying “Greatest line-up” lol. I’m tired of it. Just say “Great holiday exlusives” or sumthin. And to be straight up, Microsoft has had the weakest first half of yr in recent memory. I luv their direction, especially in 2016, but I guess this is just PR for the casuals to consume. Next year change the wording please.

    • lagann


      They used that phrase I think before E3 and still using it.

      I think MS had a pretty weak first half last year also. They really gotta learn how to spread out the games.

    • This Guy

      It’s aggressive marketing, just like every PS4 ad states things like The best place to play or for multiplats it’s best experienced on. It’s all subjective, but the average consumer who sees these ads, lap it up.

    • Mark

      Yeah I know, I get the rationale. Get the attention of gamers. But when u keep saying “Best exclusive line-up in Xbox history”, it will come across as arrogant to some of us because we remember some amazing Xbox games that’ll be hard to surpass. Like they kept saying about E3 “The best E3 in Xbox history” but it wasn’t, although it was strong. Saying “history” is just too dam much for me lol. Just stay humble, brag a lil bit, but show us the greatness, peoples’ praise will come afterward. We don’t need to hear those huge one liners to be aware of Forza 6, Halo and TR. just my feelings.

  • freekface

    Just played the demo for FORZA 6 and it’s easily the best looking driving game to date, the graphics are amazing.

    Anyone who says you can’t see the difference between 30FPS and 60FPS obviously don’t know what their talking about, this game is running at 1080p and a Locked 60FPS and just looks so smooth even while it’s moving around full backgrounds, rain effects etc.

    Once you play this you will never want to play another driving game again at 30FPS or unlocked variable rates.

    • Mark

      Dude I’m gettin on it asap! It’s lookin like it’ll be the best racer in quite awhile..

    • Soff_experten

      Try the Indycar part of the demo, 60 fps makes a huuuuge difference. Super awesome! You can feel how fast you are going, that wouldn’t be the same with 30fps

    • This Guy

      That was crazy. I was actually nervous until I got the hang of it.

  • miyamoto

    There is no accounting for taste.
    That goes for all platforms.
    Quality is subjective.
    What’s best for Xbox fans may be the worst for non Xbox fansand vice versa.

    • Lrpasody


  • David

    They’re right, and its kinda sad. The best they can do if Forza, a (really substandard) Gears collection, a Halo game made by the B-Team and a timed exclusive Tomb Raider that they have already admitted is timed exclusive. Sony are matching them without even trying, but come 2016, Sony blows them completely out of the water. The Last Guardian, Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted 4 are ALL guaranteed GOTY contenders, and they drop in the first half of the year.

    • I agreed with you until you said halo is being made by a B team….don’t let your bias blind you. Halo 4 was great. Arguably the best and most mature plot line since its inception. We can argue about multiplayer being sub par, I’ll give you that, but the campaign (which has always been one of halo’s strong suit) held up extremely well. We should expect nothing different from this new iteration.

      Cheers to PS4 for great games and cheers to xbox for great games as well. Believe it or not, it’s quite alright for them to coexist peacefully. Competition is great my friend.

    • David

      I will allow that the story of Halo 4 was better than the usual fare for a Halo game. With that said, it worked because of the finality of the whole thing. Here, they’re trying to start a new trilogy AFTER everything was wrapped up and they were done. That was a great situation for a story, but I am not convinced that they have the capacity to write another good story or campaign for the situation they made for themselves.

      How thoroughly un-Halo every video and screenshot we’ve seen looks just convinces me of this – with Halo’s story done, this feels like an unrelated game concept they crowbarred Master Chief into. I mean, would it have been so hard to have just made this a new series? Maybe starring a woman?

      And I personally don’t think its alright for the Xbox One and Ps4 to coexist, and I’ll tell you why – the DRM thing. I am aware that they took the idea out, but a message needs to be sent to all companies, that even talking about DRM like that is enough to completely scuttle your system. Everyopne needs to know that trying something like that in the future, even just hinting at it, will thoroughly wreck your console.

    • The great thing about halo is not just the game, but also the rich universe created by all the supporting content surrounding it (e.g. the books – which are rich in lore). A new trilogy isn’t bad because it will tap into these outside resources and bring new lore to the table. I am personally looking forward to finding out if chief really is the isoDidact or if this theory is wrong. We already know he has Bornstellars Geas imprinted in him….anyways without getting too crazy into details I think this new trilogy will have an interesting take on the universe (or at least I’m hoping so).

      As for DRM, always online, no used games and all the atrocities the xbox one reveal had makes me agree with you. But if it weren’t for the PS4, and it creating the competition that is has those policies wouldn’t have been reversed. Because of competition we are able to enjoy games on both consoles as they should have been from the start. Competition makes each console push themselves further to satisfy the consumer base. Backwards compatibility is an example. Shareplay is an example. etc.

    • Edonus

      Your entire comment is marked as dumb a$$ pony talk….the reason is Gears Ultimate is not a sub standard collection because it is not a collection at all. It is 1 game rebuilt from the ground up with more content and more features. The other games are just an added value they are the same high scoring genre defining 360 games that released years ago.

      Then you say Last Guardian is a contender for GOTY?….. you actually put a Ps3 launch game that probably wont even make next years launch window as a guaranteed contender….. You know what you might be right. the gaming media is so corrupt and f$ked up these days it could happen. I wont be playing that BS.

      Don’t worry the corrupt gaming media will make all the weak minded consumers think they struck gold……..I sit in my plush $1500 chair, puffing a $30 cigar, sipping on a $100 whiskey knowing….. “I am better than them because I know better”.

    • Guest

      And your whole comment read like a dumb a$$ bot fantard talk. And the Ears remake looks like a$$, the original looked way better for its time. the new one is all better and cheaply shadowed, its sh’t. And its ultimately still just a remake of a old game. But you’re to stupid of a fanboy to see that. Well have fun being angry at Sony for continually beating MS’s a$$!

      And keep repeating yourself. It only makes you look dumber.

  • Jecht_Sin

    Someone should inform MS that an year consists of 12 months.

    • Edonus

      I think MS understands that the biggest shopping holiday in their major territories come at the last 3-4 months of the year. It makes sense to actually have your big guns out at this time. Instead of weaseling around in weak months and using hype and droughts to sell niche titles. (cough* Cough* Bloodbore).
      MS puts the games they invest in out at the same time as other major games, like Fallout 4 and Battlefront, and COD…… Sony tucks tail and run. Throw out some incomplete collection of a upped rezzed port that don’t even have all the games content just to keep up hype and save face. Don’t worry the corrupt gaming media will make all the weak minded consumers think they struck gold……..I sit in my plush $1500 chair, puffing a $30 cigar, sipping on a $100 whiskey knowing….. “I am better than them because I know better”.

    • Guest

      You know you’re a big fanboy idiot when you sound like and say the stupid sh’t this child has just said. And say such pathetically fanboyism sh’t as “Bloodbore” And make excuses and try to rationalize the stupid tactic of bunching up and selling all your exclusives in the last 3 months of the year. Fanboys are so sad! This guy sounds like he’s got some serious hate and is seriously mad and upset at Sony for kicking MS’s a$s. Pathetic!

    • Edonus

      You know you’re on my di%k when you make a comment as a guest. Dont be faceless, that’s cowardly…. I bet you own a Ps4.

      Anyway I said Bloodbore as a little joke. I personally dont have any real issues with that game or those that like it. Not my cup of tea but I do think it was over hyped and things that could be improved glossed over. And what i said about MS releasing games the way they do when they do makes perfect sense. “Fanboys are so sad” is not a counter argument. I personally think it would be better for them spread that 3 months into 5 months but that is just because as a consumer I like having time to play and beat games instead of just getting a chunk dropped on me at once….. But then again I am not the head of a multi billion dollars company. And how do you explain Sonys weak holiday stands. I say they know they will make up any losses and more during the year so they dont even really compete. Its smart but like you… cowardly.

      And I am not upset about Sony selling more it doesnt affect all the fun I have with my Xbox One. The only thing i feel bad about is all the consumers that get a Ps4 when they would have liked a Xbox One better but do to them being stupid and mis information they wound up with something they wont enjoy as much But

      Don’t worry the corrupt gaming media will make all the weak minded consumers think they struck gold…….. as I sit in my plush $1500 chair, puffing a $30 cigar, sipping on a $100 whiskey knowing….. “I am better than them because I know better”.

    • Shi’a at

      He was implying that the next few months will have some extremely big blockbuster titles. The fact that 24 people upvoted you lets us realize how stupid our world has become,….

  • andy

    Forza, Gears, Halo, Fable, guess another decade of not bothering with Xbox is in order.

  • Guest

    Good luck to them, they are going to need it cuz if this fails then all hope is lost! And I love how the shot for Forza used here is a fake bullshot. The game looks nothing like that. It wishes that it looked that good. Gotta love deceptive tactics!

  • Guest

    How many more played out Halo’s, Boring a$s Forzas and Gears of War do we need? Is that all they got?

  • Reclaimer13

    As great as the rest of 2015 looks for xbox one exclusives, with Gears Ultimate, Forza 6, Halo 5, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Fable Legends and Gigantic, I think 2016 trumps it. ReCore, Killer Instinct S3, Quantum Break, Crackdown, Forza Horizon 3, Scalebound, Gears 4, Halo Wars 2 and Sea of Thieves. That’s 15 huge games over the next 15 months. Some really great looking indies between now and then as well. Ark, The Flood in the Flame, Cuphead, Inside, Below, Cobalt etc.. There’s not a single game on that list that I’m not interested in.

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