Xbox One Hits An All Time Low In Japan

PS4 and Wii U beat it by selling over 100x more.

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The Xbox One was doomed to failure in Japan to begin with, but even so, it has crashed and failed spectacularly. Where the Xbox and especially the Xbox 36o were competitive with strong niches in the country for a while, the Xbox One fizzled out as soon as it launched, its sales soon plummeting to levels reserved for decade old systems in the process of being phased out.

And then there is this- in the last week that was tracked, the system sold a minuscule 100 units. 100 units. Throughout the entire country. It sold 100 units.

Even when the depressed dedicated gaming market of Japan is considered, that is just sad. For instance, consider that Wii U sold 16,413 during the same time seven days, according to numbers company Media Create. PS4 sold 10,822. The Xbox One sold less than 1% what PS4 did. That’s just sad.

I want to put something here to the effect of ‘stay tuned to find out whether or not Microsoft can turn the Xbox One around in the country,’ but even the thought of that seems ridiculous.

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  • Devon Day

    This should not be surprising by any means. Microsoft initially had a ~$70-100 million advertising budget when the original Xbox was launched in Japan. The 360 only did so well due to price; brand loyalty to the Sony brand still enormous even after the PS3 price disaster. Once the big name JRPG’s hit the Far East, the Xbox Brand went back to 6th gen. status of selling poorly outside of the United States.

    This ultimately brings up the conclusion that outside the United States and United Kingdom that the Xbox Brand doesn’t have much to no pull in terms of recognition. Sony has Europe locked down; Nintendo and Sony duking it out on Japan in the 7th gen of consoles to the PS4 taking it all together. It really is disheartening if you work for Microsoft or a gamer from a region they are not doing well. Since Microsoft doesn’t have much pull, this leads to fewer deals in the Far East and Europe. Fewer deals equals fewer fans; leading to a smaller install base and loss in fiances and resources as a result. It really does suck. 🙁


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