Xbox One II Started Mass Production In February 2016- Rumor

Xbox 12?

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With all the news about Nintendo and the NX, and Sony and the PlayStation 4K, Microsoft, who were among the first to float the idea of an iterative console in the first place, can often get lost in the hubbub. But it looks as though they have been silently chipping away at the Xbox behind the scenes, and in the process, they may be gearing up to launch something soon, too.

According to a leak (via NeoGAF), it sounds as though Microsoft started mass production of an Xbox One II (literally translating to Xbox One Second Generation) back in February of this year. The production capacity was for 400,000 consoles a week, meaning 1.2 million consoles a month- in other words, 3.6 million of these have been manufactured already, and Microsoft could have over 5 million ready to go by the time they presumably announce it at E3.

With a new Xbox One, and the PS4K both due later this year, Nintendo are now in a hard spot- especially since the NX has been delayed into next year, and they are left with no major game on the Wii U to fill the gaps, either.

xbox one ii

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  • Doggystyle

    LOL. The Xbox One Two? Hilarious! Let me guess, it features no HDMI pass through, no optical drive, which means no used games, no worthless Kinect, and an Elite controller with built in stick drift. But the games are still at 900p resolution, because Xbox apologists have stood firm that a game’s “resolution doesn’t matter”.

  • LDS

    So… how is 400K a week add up to 1.2M a month?

    shouldn’t it be 400K*4week=1.6M a month?

    • Mark

      Ahahah. I just hope it’s more than a slim…

    • Brandiccunningham4

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