Xbox One Scorpio Will Deliver True 4K Gaming, Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg Says

“We’re confident that we’ll be able to deliver true 4K gaming.”

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xbox one scorpio

One of the reasons that the Xbox One Scorpio exists is so that Microsoft can have a console that can truly deliver VR gaming and 4K gaming to the masses- not the upscaled or workaround attempts made by the Xbox One S or the existing Xbox One’s Oculus Rift partnership.

And at the end of the day, it sounds like Microsoft are very confident about the Scorpio’s ability to do just that. Speaking to DualShockers, Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg expressed confidence that the Scorpio will be able to deliver true 4K gaming.

“We were really thoughtful about the specs we used to design Project Scorpio, and the focus was on how can we deliver true 4K gaming in the console space,” Greenberg said. “And you’re right. Today 4K gaming exists on the PC, with people who spend a lot of money on super high-end PCs with a wide variety of specs… Thousands of dollars in many cases can get 4K gaming, but it hasn’t existed in the console market.

“How can we bring that at scale to a really big audience in the console space, is what I’m excited about. To be able to bring six teraFLOPS of GPU power to the console space, is a massive amount of power.

“We’re confident that we’ll be able to deliver true 4K gaming with that, and that performance power is gonna bring great games to our fans in the console market.

“A lot of those developers that are building those games today, are already doing 4K on PC. Our internal studios… We got Forza Horizon 3, Halo Wars 2, Gears of War 4, all being built today as great graphical showcases on the PC, and so that work is already existing, but the performance power is not there yet in the console space, and we’ll obviously be bringing that next year.”

In the end, the Scorpio is looking to be a beast of a console, so I am pretty excited to see it deliver on the promise of 4K and VR. For those who want those things now, however, the PS4 NEO with PSVR and the Xbox One S promise to be your best bets.

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  • Nintengods

    No it won’t

    Just like the P$4 Neo will only deliver 1080P 30FPS.

    • Wontime

      U really like talking through that hole on your backside huh

  • Josh

    cant wait for scorpio to be honest

  • Mr Xrat

    Aim high, Cystberg, it’ll make the Xgimp heartbreak even more funny.

    • Nintengods

      The xgimp meltdowns are only the desert after the $onygimp mass suicide after Neo only can do 1080P 30FPS and is annhilated by NX

      No amount of upvoting yourself will save you from Nintengods running a train on the $onygimps

    • Wontime

      *annihilated, dipsh!t

    • Nintengods

      Prepare your exit after the Neo 32X fails, loser 🙂

  • Riggybro

    That power will be wasted on making a AAA game just break 4K/30 fps at mid PC settings.

    I’m sure most developers AAA will aim for 2K/60 fps with better graphics.

    Just like they have done in the past two generations (e.g sub 720p and sub 1080p) and console players 9ft away from their TVs didn’t really seem to care about the resolution.

    • Wontime

      And 2k is da bomb…..
      I have an acer predator gsync 2k/144hz monitor. It’s the fuqing beezkneez

  • Paul

    I don’t think most games on Scorpio will be 4k because even though it’s doable but very close to the edge of what the hardware can do, it doesn’t make much sense from a developer’s point of view to do it.

    Imaging this, developers on Neo develop games at 1080p 60fps and their games look better than what they do on Scorpio because 4k is a lot more demanding so visuals are going to be similar to what they are on Xbox One whereas Neo if they develop at 1080p, they have the option to really ramp up the graphics which to end gamers will look like Neo is much better even though Scorpio is, that will push developers on Scorpio to target 1080p 60fps.

    In the end, 4k is a nice idea but the hardware just isn’t ready yet, not at the right price point anyway, also not everyone will benefit from it because most don’t have a 4k tv, 4k is just a buzzword, a selling point to them, I think it makes more sense for Neo and Scorpio to focus on 1080p 60fps upscaled and wait for the consoles after that for 4k, by then the tech should be ready going of what we’re seeing on the PC, it also seems thats what most console gamers want as well.


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