Xbox One Slim Leaked – Rumor

More evidence emerges of a slimmer variant of Microsoft’s console.

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A slimmer Xbox One console has been rumored for at least as long as the console has been out- the rumors seem to hint at a cheaper, smaller unit that will lack a disc drive and be cheaper. Over the time, those rumors have changed, as Microsoft have hinted at a new hardware strategy for Xbox, having multiple SKUs and variants, and iterative improvements over time.

A while back, some FCC filings indicated that there might be new Xbox hardware on the way- today, more evidence for this has emerged. A leak from the Brazilian government seems to indicate that a new, slimmer Xbox One console may be in the works, with at least some kind of improved wireless technology. Extremely suspicious here is the fact that the NDAs on this new hardware seem to lift on June 25, or right after E3- indicating an announcement of it at E3, which would line up neatly with general common sense.

You can see a leaked image of this new Xbox One hardware below- is it real, or are we looking at something else entirely? It might just turn out to be smoke without fire- remember, a slim Xbox One has been rumored for the longest time now. But just in case this leak is the real deal, then we will know soon enough, once E3 rolls about.

xbox one slim

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  • sgt_hammertime

    the other day you said “where there is smoke there is fire”, so how now there’s “smoke and no fire”?

    • kee1haul

      because they can’t make up their mind if they hate xbox or not.

  • kee1haul

    This looks fake. Board is only 7 inches. And why take a picture of the board instead of ANYTHING else. These fakes only ever come out after a FCC or patent find.

    • CheekyChan

      That’s just a wifi board. As indicated by the two mini-coaxial antenna hookups. The original Xbox One’s wifi board looks extremely similar. This looks like it could possibly be for a slim because of it’s reduced size.

    • kee1haul

      So is that 7cm? Still not convinced. Seems like these pictures always come out after the evidence ie NX controller.

    • CheekyChan

      I guess so, it’s hard to tell since they did it wrong in the picture, they measured it further down the measuring stick instead of the very beginning of it. But it is indeed different than the Xbox One wifi boards currently in them and the sticker looks official. It’s hard to tell though, the model numbers on the board are generic boards Piotek uses in a ton of their PCB’s and there’s no information on the other model numbers shown for the wifi chipset itself. This wifi board was made specially for these Xbox One’s, otherwise they’d have a generic model number with a signifier and that’s not the case with the model numbers on here which means this is strictly the only one they make. I managed to find a site in Chinese that talks about this board and it’s wifi capabilities, says it has support for the 5.8GHz, 5.1GHz and 2.4GHz bands. That’s all I’ve gotten from it as it’s an XLS file and it’s huge but it’s some kind of specs sheet for China’s equivalent of our FCC, as the website I got it from is China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Here’s everything I could translate from the file:

      Name: 5.8GHz / 5.1GHz / 2.4GHz wireless LAN / Bluetooth module

      Type: data transmission

      Tester?: Liao Ning Xinding Detection Certification Co., Ltd.

      Manufacturer: Lite-On Technology Corp. ( Taiwan )

      Inspector I assume?: Wang Xiaosen

      Licensing, probably?: Five years

      But that’s all the info I could sanely find. There was another huge XLS document that keeps failing to download.

      Edit: Forgot to mention, it shows listings for this device since January 20th and it’s been updated a number of times since with the most recent being March 30th.

    • kee1haul

      That’s some detailed information. Interesting that there have been updates to that listing. Also interesting it says Bluetooth?

    • CheekyChan

      Well, FCC licensing is strict in the US, I’m not sure how it is in China but it can take over a year for a device to be FCC compliant. China’s was showing from January to now so they must have only gotten hold of it in January. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they included Bluetooth in the new Xbox One. It was a hugely requested feature that they skipped for some dumb reason. That adapter could also be a variation of one that already exists but it would be weird that there’s ONLY postings about it since January and that’s the specific model number for this exact version shown here and it’s known that Xbox’s use Lite-On hardware, a lot of the disc drives in the 360’s were Lite-On drives, cheap and reliable.

  • papatuelo

    Interesting fact, that component 1683 is related to other which is numbered 1682. The former is a wifi board with bluetooth capabilities and the latter a Wifi dongle with USB conecntion. Both of them share the same manual.

    A peripheral and for the console an its dongle for conection???

  • Novacell

    Am quite disappointed in the article. They didn’t use their Journalistic sensationalism licence.

  • Kidd

    I’m happy with the size of my Xbox One now. And waiting for upgraded Xbox One with 4k compatibility not a slim!! Even if Microsoft used the look of the Xbox One with the upgraded console (UWP) i’d still be happy!!

    • papatuelo

      Engadget 2013:

      “Black tubes protrude from the workstations, pumping hot and cold water into the lab for stress testing (and the occasional multimillion-dollar water fight, we imagine). CPU sockets sit unused, next to racks of circuit boards running the SoC through the virtual gauntlet. In one corner, a massive 4K television is seamlessly playing two HD video streams from a single box. Though the Xbox One is capable of pushing and receiving 4K signals, this test station is an illustration of how Microsoft’s architecture went into the console’s SoC (not a demonstration of its raw power). Spillinger says that the new console’s ability to decode multiple HD streams at once is a measure of his team demanding specific silicon design from third-party partners.

      “When we talk about the SoC and the general-purpose SoCs out there, this is per our requirement,” Spillinger tells us while we huddle around the station. “This is our aggressiveness to have two HD streams being compressed, decompressed. It’s actually a parallel circuit, it’s not part of the CPU / GPU — it’s an add-on.”

    • Sara Roudebush

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  • Mr Xrat

    May as well. It needs to stop looking like a punchline.

  • crizz1066

    “Slim” shouldn’t they fatten it up and put some power into it. Otherwise, I’ve got a ChromeCast, what do you need the VCR for?


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