Xbox One to Windows 10 Streaming: This Is How You Unlock The ‘Very High Quality’ Mode


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Xbox One Streaming to Windows 10

Xbox One to Windows 10 streaming is now officially a thing available to everybody, thanks to the public launch of Windows 10. Now, a Reddit user is reporting to us that it is possible to enjoy it with an even better picture mode than the default settings allow for- and all it takes is one simple tweak.

Note: for the purposes of the instructions that follow, we will assume that you installed Windows 10 to the default C:\ drive.

Simply navigate to C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Packages\ and then locate the folder starting with “Microsoft.XboxApp”. From there, find the ‘userconsoledata’ file, and open it using Notepad. Find the line with the ‘IsInternalPreview’ variable, and change ‘false’ to ‘true.’Save and close the file, restart the Xbox app, and voila- you now have extremely sharp visual fidelity for your Xbox One to Windows 10 streaming.

The Windows 10 streaming is part of Microsoft’s initiative to have a larger ecosystem, comprising of their phones, tablets, Windows 10 PCs, Xbox One, and all of their various services.

Thanks, Digital Foundry.

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  • XbotMK1

    This is just Microsoft trying desperately to copy Sony again.

    I’ve used the Windows 10 streaming and it is very bad. It cuts out frequently and has bad pixelization compression issues. In order to stream at high quality, you need insane bandwidth and that can cause it to cut out even more. Also, it is almost pointless to stream at the highest settings because most bigger Xbox One games aren’t 1080p or above 30 frames.

    • Starman

      stfu b.a.n. get a fkn life … you need to talk about how sony is getting ready to scrap that pos streaming ps-now ..laggy latency crap that no one wants stfu … one like’s you …lol

    • Cigi

      Wow – i can assure you that either you have a crappy LAN at your home our you are just lying – which seems most legit as you have shown yourself as a poor PONY. I have streamed at 20Gbps and and that is no problem at all. IF you have that issues it is your own fault – and can be corrected.

      And just a little question what games does PS4 have that are 1080P 60FPS, And yes XBOX one has FORZA and a lot more to come. DX12 will give the boost.

      And the copy part is just crazy – just give it up man..


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