Xbox One X Is The Fastest Pre-Ordered Xbox System Ever

Microsoft will be making more units available for pre-order.

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It looks like the Xbox One X is off to a great start, at least as far as momentum is concerned. Posting on Xbox Wire, Microsoft’s Mike Nichols revealed that the Xbox One X has become the fastest pre-ordered Xbox console, ever- including, yes, the Xbox 360 and Xbox One (which did very well early on, remember?), too.

The console is currently sold out in many countries around the world- and as far as the Scorpio Edition goes, that one is gone, and gone for good. However, Microsoft confirmed that it plans on making the standard Xbox One X available for pre-order, with more details on that coming some time next month, so you still have a chance to get one for yourself if you haven’t already.

The Xbox One X itself is due to launch on November 7- and hopefully, this early momentum is indicative of Microsoft being able to leverage it and turn things around for itself somewhat.

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  • S. Cruz


  • Holeybartender
  • Ocelot forgot his meds

    Of course it is. It’s the only 4k console ever made. The pro doesn’t even download and run 4k textures and assets. For $500 it’s going to sell like hot cakes.

    • bob balluga

      Like hotcakes? No but it will sell well.

    • Ocelot forgot his meds

      Hot cakes sell well..don’t they ?

    • bob balluga

      NOT that well but well

    • Mr Xrat

      That’s why it’s underperforming against the Pro. Poor little Xgimps got no games to play!

  • Smart guy

    Congrats to MS. Good for them! Turning things around for sure!

  • Mr Xrat

    I love it when they keep pulling out this line. Means they’ve got nothing else.

    • Fweds

      Mr Xrat AKA Mrxrat is so unconfident in his post that he has used his Upvote Bot to make it look as though someone actually agrees with him.

  • Dafuq Iswrong

    gonna go and launch a new console.
    gonna go and open pre-orders.
    only 2 units available for pre-order.

    BOOM! fastest Pre-Ordered System Ever!

    c’mon 😐 there’s a reason they don’t show the actual numbers ><

  • scott

    Xbox one x #52. Ps4pro #90. Outsold the 2017 pspro in less than 24 hours

  • stopbeingafanboy

    I find myself not trusting a word they say, day after day.

  • Dafuq Iswrong

    Really? Where’s the numbers? Show them to me or point me to the source.
    Did M$ release the number of consoles pre-ordered? No.
    Will they ever do it? No.
    C’mon, you don’t need to be that smart to figure this is just a PR stunt.
    Show me the Actual numbers or shut up 😐

  • KidIncredible

    I’m waiting on the expert opinions of all ps owners… they always have all the insider xbox info… i mean they have it all figured out thats why they gonna get battle front 2 at 1080p? haha take these L’s Playstation


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