Xbox One X Will Feel Like A Premium PC Experience Overall, Says Microsoft

That sounds like a bit of an exaggeration…

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The Xbox One X promises to be the most powerful console ever, when it launches later this year. And Microsoft is taking every chance it gets to ensure it can reinforce that message, probably on the back of the Xbox One’s weaker hardware than PS4 having factored in its relative failure.

Speaking to MCVUK, for instance, Microsoft’s Head of Xbox Operations Dave McCarthy played up the power of the One X, saying that it will ‘feel like a premium PC experience overall.’

“The way we look at it, choice feels like the right principle right now,” he said. “There are consumers that really want to balance price against capabilities. But there will always be customers in your segment of gamers that want the best of the best, and I think that up until now the PC space was really the only place they could go to get that. They now have the ability to get that in the console space.

“We’re all about the developer choice there overall. Different developers are going to choose to do different things for different game formats. But the good news is that the Xbox One SDK that everyone writes to will be able to handle that variation. You don’t need a unique version for Xbox One X. It’s just going to know if I’m running a One X, will take advantage of it and going to feel like a premium PC experience overall.”

I suppose it works as an analogy, but given that high end premium PCs run circles around the Xbox One X in raw specs- especially in terms of the CPU- I don’t know if that’s necessarily a direct comparison he wants to make. The Xbox One X launches on November 7.

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  • Sp4ctr0

    “Xbox One X Will Feel Like A Premium PC”

    It will be easy because most gamers have slow hardware:

    Steam survey:
    90% of PC gamers use old GPU with less than 8GB of video memory
    97% of PC gamers use GPU with less power than 6 TFLOPS
    99% of PC gamers use GPU with bandwidth less than 326 GB/s

    • Mark

      The main issue we’re gonna have is the options devs give us, or not. Ideally we want most games to have graphics mode and performance mode.

    • Bespin

      53% use windows 10 and 0.5% use Mac

  • Mr Xrat

    These worthless losers still trying to push that line? A premium PC won’t be doing checkerboard 4K 30fps.

    • Fweds

      Oh and look who the first poster is again ! Do you set your alarm to wake you every 10 mins so you can try and damage control all the great Xbox1X feedback across the internet.

      Poor old PS Protato has problems with 1080p in some games so probably best that you ask Sony why your console is gutless instead of being jealous of the Xbox1X powerhouse.

    • Mr Xrat

      Still not first. Still the most agreeable though. Keep crying about it and keep telling yourself your $499 joke changes anything. 🙂

    • greatnessIsaLIE

      They never said it was a high end premium pc.
      It should be a tier or two below that but about 4 tiers above the ps4 pro.

      What do you consider a ps4 pro when compared to pc?

  • Bespin

    XBOXX won’t make a dime for MSFT up front but will gain gamers awesome tech
    Customized internally to the hilt… Id buy it just to be in awe of the tech.

    Can you imaging if this was a PC? it would sell many millions. Enjoy gamers get rid of stinky SONY send them back to making screens for iPhone and overpriced TV

  • Eddie Battikha

    Phil and his typical confusing wording

  • Mr Xrat

    Facts hurt for the retarded woodpecker!

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