Xbox One X Will Sell Out, Says Aaron Greenberg

Confident words from the Microsoft exec.

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The Xbox One X has been hotly anticipated for some time now, what with it being the most powerful gaming console ever created, and of course, you’d expect it to do well when it comes out. Apparently, Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg, who is the Xbox Games Marketing General Manager, believes that that is exactly what is going to happen.

In a live stream on Mixer, Greenberg spoke of many things, and also urged people who want to get their hands on the Xbox One X to pre-order as quickly as possible, warning them that the system is going to sell out, so there might not be a chance for a lot of people to purchase.

He then want on to talk about Microsoft’s recent partnership with Samsung, and said that Samsung’s 4K QLED TV screens and Microsoft’s Xbox One X systems are going to be the perfect pair, and that the two companies are trying to work together to optimize their own 4K capabilities to the fullest.

You can watch the entire thing through the link above, Greenberg speaks about several other things, including Microsoft’s plans for innovations in the future.

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  • Dafuq Iswrong

    I’d be surprised if a M$ employee said otherwise…
    In other new, water is wet…

  • Xbox One X unlocked

    Xbox fans are considered the best fans.

    This will again prove why people say that
    and we will show again that we are the best fans. BOOM

    LOL@ PS4PRO sales epic fail

    • Mark

      Sniff* Sniff*… that you…MisterX? Lol

  • Mark

    QLED attached to a 1X?! Waay too expensive

    • Buccy Baby

      Yeah way too expensive, but it’s going to make for a great display. When people see the display they will buy, but not with the QLED.

  • One With Shadows

    So they’re only going to stock one in each store?

  • Yeh! Finally i can play Spiderman.. Gran Turismo Sport and God of war on the xbox one x!… oh wait.. sorry.

    • Jacky

      Spider-Man is another 3rd person single player game with no replay value. IT will be deadbolt and forgotten 2 weeks after release. GT sport is embarrassing compared to FOrza 7 And god of War…same as Spider-Man.

    • Why you telling me that?.. im buying all those games anyway on my PS4 Pro.

      Forza is for kids and people who always complain “the cars dont steer in Gran Turismo” lol

    • Jacky

      PROtato is for kiddies that are too dumb to realize that Sony ripped em off. The thing doesn’t even download and run 4k textures and assets like the X does. GT sports is an embarrassment compared to Forza 7 and Sony’s 3rd person single player games have no replay value and are dead and forgotten 2 weeks after release. But whatever floats your boat

    • Ahahah.. GT Sport is over-specced for 8k. That’s all have a nice day 🙂

  • D Spenc3

    Where’s XRAT. Oh ya I hacked his computer last week. Now he’s in jail.


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