Xbox Scorpio Full Reveal Will Come At E3, Microsoft Confirms

So now you know how long you need to wait.

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We have some notion of what the Scorpio will be, thanks to Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry, and thanks to Gamasutra- however, some very real, basic issues, such as the console’s price, release date, or even its final name, are as of right now unknown. All of our exposure to the Scorpio thus far has been for the tech side.

That will change come E3- because yes, that’s how long you will have to wait now until you finally get the full blowout of Xbox Scorpio information that you may be waiting for. Microsoft has confirmed that the full reveal of Scorpio will be at E3 this year, shooting down any hopes many may have had of an earlier event held to showcase the new system.

“We’re excited to unveil Project Scorpio and the amazing game experiences it powers at E3 this June,” Phil Spencer said in a post made about the Scorpio on the official Xbox website.

Which means this E3 may be rather exciting for Microsoft- they will have a brand new console to talk about, after all- and with the tech aspects out of the way, this means they can focus on the things that ultimately matter to us, as end consumers- price, release date, name, and most of all, games.

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  • Mavericks

    Well, don’t expect price reveal at E3, it’ll probably be dropped at Gamescom. If they reveal too early, they can give room to Sony to work on price strategy with PS4 Pro.

  • PorHawj2016

    If Microsoft reveal everything about Scorpio and Games during E3 then Sony need do something better to beat Microsoft during E3 : alot great surprises and some exclusive games should come out this year.

    Days Gone
    God of War
    Detroit : Become Human
    Knack 2 : Maybe

  • Gamez Rule

    Xbox Scorpio information is great for people that are following the console for hardware information and for buying it upon release, but what about gamers that already own Xbone and are not interested in MS’s new hardware but more interested in exclusive games for the console they have already bought into?

    Scorpio may be able to give people amazing game experiences Phil, but where are the games for Xbone users…..Oh that’s right STILL waiting till E3.

    • theduckofdeath

      MS will dump it all out at the same time. Scorpio unveiling and launch games. The games will work on any XB1, yeah, but you still want the appearance or perception of launch titles for a console so significant. Maybe the price will be withheld a bit longer, so people can decide if they want Scorpio before they know if they can afford Scorpio.

    • Gamez Rule

      The exclusive games this year on the PS4 as well as the new IP’s has been amazing and shown great support from Sony and developers, with even more exclusive games lined up like God of war 4, GT Sport, The Last of Us 2, Death Stranding, etc, while Scorpio is just an updated Xbone, with the same exclusive deficiency with no new IP’s as of yet in within the first four months of 2017.

      E3 cannot change that, and everyone knows that too. MS needs to release full exclusive titles and not just talk about them. People may want Scorpio to play their games, but not everyone will want to support Scorpio when they already have the Xbone while MS is showing no support to those console owners.

      Even if they announce a game, how can anyone feel safe that this game will actually be released?

    • theduckofdeath

      PS4 has received some nice games, mostly exclusive, in the earlier part of this year. The main brunt coming largely from Japan — not much MS can do about that.

      Obviously, MS is working on exclusive titles and new IPs. As for “full exclusive” meaning on XB1 only (no PC release), that may be a pipe dream going forward. Windows PC is huge part of the MS gaming platform. It makes little sense for them to gamble on extorting players into buying XB1S or Scorpio by holding games hostage.

      Revenue is made from game sales, s/w licenses and services, not often hardware sales. If games are available on all MS platforms (XB1-Scorpio-PC provides great coverage of players), the sales are made immediately and more predictably. The people who need to be swayed into buying a console are “console people” and newcomers.

      As to why there is no news of games, as I said above, likely MS is keeping mum because of Scorpio. Additionally, Spencer said he learned not announce games too far out ahead after Scalebound imploded.

      We know a portion of what is coming in 2017 — Cuphead, Crackdown, Sea Of Thieves, State Of Decay 2. Some big third party games with Scorpio enhancements. Anything else, slated for 2017 or 2018 will have to wait until E3.

    • Gamez Rule

      Just wish MS would release exclusive games now as all it seems to be is gamers with Xbone are left waiting for new IP’s while Sony and Nintendo are releasing them while MS just talks about gaming lineups.

      We shouldn’t have to wait till E3 for games.

  • smd

    According to Digital Foundry, Microsoft has been ahead of schedule with Scorpio. It’s still 7 months away from the holiday season, and DF was already shown a near-final working version of Scorpio. By E3, there should be a fully working version – and that’s still nearly half a year to go before the holidays


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