Xbox Scorpio Supports 4K 60fps Game Capture, Has An Internal Power Supply- Report

Some interesting new details about Microsoft’s upcoming console.

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xbox scorpio

It looks like Microsoft will continue with the design language they debuted with the Xbox One S for the Xbox One Scorpio. According to a report on Windows Central, the Scorpio will, much like the Xbox One S, have an internal power supply. This means that you won’t have to worry about a bulky external power brick like you did for the original Xbox One.

That’s not all, either. It sounds like the console will be capable of 4K 60fps video game capture- this will be far above what the Xbox One, Xbox One S, PS4, and PS4 Pro offer- the latter tops out at 1080p and 60fps, so Microsoft will have an incredible advantage in this regard.

The Xbox Scorpio is due to launch later this year, following a full reveal at E3 this year. Not much more is known about the system for now, though Microsoft has now made it very clear that this will be the most powerful console ever made.

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  • C. Hoffer

    Hopefully Microsoft doesn’t repeat their dumb decisions like they usually do….
    e.g.#1 Low # of 2 USB ports and only supporting old versions 2.0/3.0
    – Optimum would be 3 front, 2 rear (All v3.1 & a single 2.0 for compatibility issues)
    e.g.#2 Outdated Hard drive support – SATA 1/2 or max 3.0Gbs
    – Optimum would be a newer M2 Support or at least 6Gbs SATA (with SSD trim support – please!!!)
    e.g. #3 Inferior main drive 500GB 5400RPM Hard Drive (then tell you to buy a better one as you will be able use the ONE 3.0 port)
    – Optimum would be 1 TB 7200RPM drive(minimum) or a 512 M.2 (size would be substantially smaller although they are likely to cheap out on this)
    e.g. #4 OLD & inferior HDMI version support (2.0 or earlier) rather than the newer v2.0a or 2.1
    – Optimum would be v2.1 for full 4k/120 & Game support, minimum would be 2.0a/b (2.1 spec isn’t finalized until latter 2017 but this should be a drop in chip, not a full circuit board redesign)

    Only time will tell.

    • Mark

      Yeah, the Storage drive is a huuuge question mark right now!

    • Psionicinversion

      SSD TRIM support was only needed before windows 7. all newer OSs have it also i think pretty much all controllers do it themselves on the SSD anyway. A sata port doesnt support TRIM lmao.

      I doubt its going to support HDMI 2.1 unless they put the tech in and hope it passes certification.

      There not going put in M.2 support lol you must be crazy. Consoles are for broke people on benefits. They arent going to afford that and SSD prices are only going to go up until sometime next year when there going to come down again because the demand is to high to. To get 4K 60 they HAVE to have HDMI 2, pretty sure its in the One S so it would be in scorpio.

      that 4K 120 is going be awesome when TVs dont support input greater than 60hz so 60fps input is all your going get.

    • C. Hoffer

      1. SSD Trim – don’t care about Windows. Xbox OS still needs to support it or some version of it to use SSD’s properly with real interface.
      2. HDMI 2.1 – reaching (on my part) I know. Still its a set of specs that CAN be firmware up-gradable if you know the traces. Still even 2.0b might too too much to hope for. FYI- 2.1 supports variable refresh for games, not just 120fps at 4K.
      3. M.2 Support – again I’m reaching…but why the heck not??? The amount of space needed for a 2.5″ drive is ludicrous and generates way more heat. Save inches of space and thermal and spend the extra few cents for the port. <-Downside…the SSD is costly and that is because mfg'ers are greedy, not because the chips actually cost anything. Heck…put M.2 in it and give us an upgradable slot with a 256MB drive. externals would be the option until prices come down then boom…tons of user upgrades.
      4. Vast majority of PC users (80%) 1920x1080p resolution or LESS. A large chunk of those are still 13xx x 768!) Yet if consoles are for broke people how broke are the PC users that are stuck with 1080p as the mainstream if they are lucky???
      5. 4k120 TV's will be awesome, but when the hdmi chips are worth less than a dollar and you save a few cents by picking an older version…what the heck???

      Sure a lot of the above is wishful thinking, but people need to realize when it comes to electronics, more often than not, you get the garbage they give you because they save cents on one chip vs another. An M.2 with 4 or 5 chips on it is $500 yet the same capacity SSD 2.5" is the same money in its metal/plastic housing on a larger circuit board with more chips (of lower quality). Ughh…

    • Psionicinversion

      All TRIM is, is a garbage collection feature otherwise the SSD would slow down to a crawl. If the SSD doesn’t have TRIM support on it then windows manages it for it. TRIM is in all controllers now so it does it itself.

      Yeah 2.1 supports variable refresh rate… Basically AMD freesync over HDMI but you need a TV with the hardware in to support it. 2.5 inch drive generates way more heat maybe true but it costs ALOT less besides m.2 aren’t bullet proof, if there not enough airflow going over it, it throttles.

      Pc users on 1366×768 are laptop users. 80% on 1080p and 95% of console users or more are on 1080p. You can quote steam survey all you want but it’s that small minority of those which are the people they play AAA which are the last 20%. If all the steam users play big games why don’t they sell 130miilion copies????

      It’s the speeds 2.5inch limited to like 500MBs small IOPS whereas m.2 can go up 450k IOPs and 3.2GBs. There are m.2 now with same speeds and IOPs than 2.5inch for about the same price.

      Price of NAND it’s high because it’s going into everything now and they don’t have the capacity to keep up with demand

  • crazy_black_man-

    I truly can’t wait for the price reveal.

    • kma99

      Only broke/ casual gamers arr worried bout the price. Oh anf ps fanboys

    • crazy_black_man-

      I’m definitely a casual gamer. Far too casual to be ripped off by Microsoft.

    • kma99

      Im casual too. So casual i can sell my ps4 and just wait for the exclusive games to hit ps now on my pc.

    • Riggybro

      I’m CaSUal ToO!!! jUsT beCaUse I aM bUyinG ScOrpiO bAsEd oN cOmPLeTe bRaND LoYaLty aNd fAiTh anD reFer to itS heAd busiNess executiVe oN a firSt naMe baSiS anD wilL defEnd MicrosOft aNd all its ProDucts to mY deAth and HaVe all tHis pent uP anGer beCause tHe last ConSole diDnt do as Well as I HaD hopEd…

      yep I’m still casual I’m really relaxed just a chilled out gamer…

    • Dougdec92

      A real awesome sense of business

    • kma99

      Sonytards dont understand business anyway.

  • Mark

    Booom! Was planning to do some videos in the fall, but now, I cannot wait!

  • Mr Xrat

    LMAO another sad morsel for Xgimps to lick tenderly.

    Gonna need a big HDD for those 4K captures. Maybe the low fidelity will cut down the gigabytes.

    • Melindaccarter

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    • Psionicinversion

      no you dont need a big hard drive for the 4K captures actually

  • Psionicinversion

    well seeing as the 4K 60fps capture is a hardware block that came in with polaris of course its going to have it cus its part of the gpu

  • Robert Barney

    Look at all the shitstation fanboi’s on a xbox scorpio article cuz they know they bought a half assed machine, the pro, and are really pissed about this console coming out. Go back to your grandmother’s basement and eat your hot pockets while masturbation to Justin beiber

    • shinningserpent


  • Reclaimer13

    Most powerful console ever made, 4k bluray player, xbox 360 emulator, 4k/60fps capture device. That’s 4 devices in 1 for $500? I’ll take 2 please.

  • Davey681

    Considering there is no need for PS4 since their games are on PC…
    2 scorpios for my household.

    -Native 4k vs 720p and an upscaling gimmick
    -Back compat vs no back compat
    -Game downloading service vs PSnow streaming robbery
    -EA access vs nothing
    -Proper mod support vs gimped support
    -1080p TV supersampling and shader model 6 upgrade vs nothing
    -Shader model 6 upgrade rollout to Xbox one vs nothing
    -4k blu ray vs nothing
    -4k 60fps game capture vs 1080p
    -Coop and multiplayer gems vs 3rd person single player hack n slash bores with no replay value.

    Well done MS

    • C. Hoffer

      Few things hanging…
      – Lets wait to see how the PS stream/game thing on PC pans out first.
      – Second, if you have a PC why would you need any Xbox systems? Waste of money & space.
      – You imply that the majority of PC users are running a system that is as capable as yours. They are not. The majority are running 1080p or less. The only savings will be if they spend the cost of a Pro or Scorpio to upgrade their video card (if they can). If they do, they won’t save money, just space. Money savings only comes into play if they stream both console platforms and purchase neither system.
      – 4k blu-ray…stream to the darn TV or whatever other 4k device you use.. Why even bother buying a disc???

      Short – If people have a high quality (4K+) PC they should be able to stream everything to it and output to a 4K tv (no current 4k monitors even compete at this point). No need to invest in any consoles.
      Everyone else – Consoles (PS4, Pro, Scoprio)…cheap mans way to casual gaming at 4k’ish resolution.

    • Davey681

      No…no ….no and no. I’ll just clarify one thing for your kind….CONSOLE GAMERS PLAY ON CONSOLE. It’s not hard to understand.
      You haters are so desperate at this point that it’s embarassing.

    • Holeybartender

      It’s Sony’s game service still their exclusives.

    • Davey681

      Awwwe comon gimp
      MS exclusives on their own windows 10 PC platform aren’t still exclusives…right gimp ?

    • Holeybartender

      Awwwe COMMON illiterate.
      Yes,they are Microsoft’s exclusives too. The origin of a console war is between consoles,never about PCs vs consoles. Unlike you I know the difference.

    • Davey681

      Listen fruit-loop…MS wants you to buy their games on windows 10 PC or on Xbox. They don’t care….that’s why they put them there. Console gamers buy them on console and PC gamers on PC…see how that works. And they are MS exclusives since they release them on their platforms. Normal people as well as MS want as many people as possible to enjoy games cause it makes them $$$.

    • Holeybartender

      No,you listen. I know all that,that’s not what I’m having an issue with. My issue is the whole argument of a game not being an exclusive anymore because it comes out on PC too.It is an idiotic comparison and has NOTHING to do with the console war. They are still Sony’s and Microsoft’s exclusives and using it as a point of superiority in which console is better is rendered moot because the whole point of a console war is competition between consoles not PC.

      And it’s I’m Coo Coo for Coco Puffs not Fruit Loops.

    • Davey681

      Coco puff…I think that we pretty much agree. This comment was for the pony fruitloops that have been trying to use this idiotic argument since MS started play anywhere….and now the tables have turned.

    • Holeybartender

      Both sides have used this argument since the last gen consoles exclusive war began.

    • Davey681

      Should I care
      Doesn’t change the fact the 97% of people are Fing morons

  • Germanicus .

    What’s with all the vitriol over a stupid game console? If you want the Scorpio, buy it. If you want the Playstation Pro buy that. Who cares? Why all the insults to people who buy another console than the one you use?

    • Halfingr

      Just remember, you’re talking about people whose self-worth derives at least partially from their brand loyalty.

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