Xbox Scorpio Will Run All Xbox One and UWP PC Games At 4K Natively

The most powerful console ever made. Here’s how.

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xbox one scorpio

Microsoft are currently working on the Xbox Scorpio, their next console, which is due to launch in Holiday 2017. Unlike the relatively disappointing PS4 Pro, the Scorpio seems to be a beast of a machine- it was unveiled at E3 as ‘the most powerful console ever made,’ and with a 6TFLOP GPU, it looks like Microsoft will deliver on that vision.

And now, Windows Central seems to have more information on exactly how they will do it. Citing insider sources, Windows Central claims that the Scorpio will become the centre for first party game development, for all Microsoft games on Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One (the same tools will also be extended to third parties, of course). Any game that is created for the UWP PC platform will run on Scorpio in 4K natively, including older games that are already out- which means that titles like Gears 4 and Forza Horizon 3 will run in 4K on the device, as well as any new titles that are released in UWP format.

The Scorpio can mimic a standard Xbox One at a hardware level, so essentially, developers can now simply target a Scorpio for development, make games for it, and then test them across multiple configurations (the Scorpio configuration and the Xbox One configuration) on the Scorpio itself- essentially, on the development end, the Scorpio will become the nexus of Xbox Play Anywhere.

With that said, the Scorpio will have exclusive VR games that will simply not be compatible with existing Xbox One systems, which are too weak to run it. Scorpio is also slated to run on the Xbox One OS, though again, with some alterations and additions for VR.

All of this sounds incredibly exciting to me- and if this is what Microsoft are pushing with the Scorpio, then I’m all for it. I cannot wait for the details to be confirmed as we near Scorpio’s launch a year from now.

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  • Hvd

    all it need o be is around $400 and is bye bye sony…lol.

    • Carleton Legrant

      Wont happen and this article is nothing but Fanboy bait

    • UlfricDormPorn

      For clarification purposes, how is this article fanboy bait? From what I read they’re just laying out facts and specs, which if you’ve been following UWP development over the past year, makes a lot of sense.

    • Uncle

      “disappointing PS4 Pro” – Really? Disappointing how?

      “Scorpio – the most powerful console ever MADE” – Made how? There is no hard release date nor hardware, it can be canceled any day and pushed day in favor of Xbox One Two
      The most powerful console ever MADE is PS4Pro

    • Hvd

      just like every article on the ps4 pro is a lie so what?…oh it will happen and we wont lt you forget the last 3 years when it does.

    • crazy_black_man-

      (sob) (snivel) “we aint gonna let you guys forget all those mean things you said about Xbox!”

      LOL. Hilariousness!

    • Mark

      Lmao. Ahaha. This “war” can be great sometimes

    • Lord Jamar

      And if the scorpio workes as intended it will be a batch slap to the haters

    • crazy_black_man-

      Let me ask you something. Does an Xbox One console right now “work as its intended”, and as it was actually marketed? Do yourself a big favor. Don’t be a damn fool again in 2017. It’s all just hype and marketing all over again.

  • Eliezer Barreto

    so there gone use xbox one assets jajajajajajjajajajaja loll medium settings for 4k jajajajajjajajaj

    • Mark

      Xbox One settings are almost always on high…..

    • Riggybro

      Depends on the game but usually a mix of medium-high which is rendered at lowly 720/900p or sliding in between – at 30fps on general multiplats.

      So when you say “high” or “medium” (i.e – comparible PC settings) it’s not necessarily a positive or direct comparison.

    • Mark

      *Sigh. Ok not gonna argue this.

    • Mr Xrat

      PC versions downgraded to make the Xbone look good.

    • Mark

      And not PS4 right? Ahaha

    • Khimicheskiy Ali

      The article that this article is (incorrectly) citing, has clarified what they said with an update:

      “Update: To clarify, developers won’t be forced to hit 4K resolution with their games, they can use Scorpio’s power to create rich, detailed experiences at 1080p should they so choose. What we’re hearing so far is that AAA games already available on UWP via the Windows 10 Store (such as Gears of War 4) will run at 4K on Project Scorpio. Time will tell how other developers use Scorpio’s power.”

      So, no. As far as graphics are concerned, the PS4 is gonna be pounded by the SCORPIO.

  • Reclaimer13

    I’d love to be able to play Gears of War 4 campaign at 4K/60fps but it’ll most likely be 4K/30fps. We could see the multiplayer at 4K/60 though. I hope Microsoft gives us the option to play their 1st party games at 1080p/60fps as well as 4K/30fps.

    • Tys

      1440p 60 on campaign

    • Reclaimer13

      I’d be more than ok with that.

    • Uncle

      Already than that

  • crazy_black_man-

    The PS4 Pro is getting rave reviews. The Windows store is handing out refunds, and the recently released Xbox One S is all but forgotten. LOL. Chaz is getting jumpy with these desperation articles trying to keep the Xbox Scorpio a part of the conversation. It’s just a paper tiger Chaz. Your next article should be about the prize, not another lame Scorpio resolution article that you’re quoting another source on. Its crunch time Chaz. The PS4 Pro is about to take over the world. Ain’t nobody tripping on what’s coming out on Christmas of NEXT YEAR. We’re getting excited about what’s being offered THIS YEAR. The Xbox is a lame endeavor at this point. Don’t waste your money on mediocrity.

    • kma99

      Too funny

    • Michael

      Pony tears.

    • Uncle

      Scorpio is DOA – I already played GoW4 in 4K/60, no point getting Scorpio if every game comes to PC, get a GTX1080 or GTX1080Ti next year

    • Lord Jamar

      a well deserved thumbs down

  • Hvd

    after the psvr fail we now get this ps4 pro isnt doing so good right now.the ps5 is the only thing that can save them.this gen is now over xbox won…lol

    • Riggybro

      Hmmm I would also be interested in your comments on the iPhone 10, the GTX 1280 and the 2018 Samsung Wifi toaster that orders pizza.

    • Hvd

      dont care about them.

  • kee1haul

    Did they mean first party or all?

  • efnet
    This site need to work on its credibility, when the author of the article you’re speaking of calls you out and says ” thats not what i said” then we have a problem

  • Mark

    Let the crap talkin commence! Lmao

  • Mark

    Just gimme the option to either run 4K, or 1080p/60, and shut up

  • LifeOnMars

    Xbox scorpio the worlds most powerful console NEVER made.

  • Mr Xrat

    UWP has nothing to do with it. Looking terrible is going to get them at native 4K. Funny how three years into its lifespan Xbone games are still visually weak. I guess this is the reason.


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