Zelda Developers Don’t Always Agree On What The ‘Essence Of Zelda’ Is

Well, that would explain Skyward Sword.

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Zelda games have been wildly different over the years- look at Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, Wind Waker, and Skyward Sword. Each game plays differently, has a different structure, and has a different take on the Zelda formula. Sometimes, the games stick the landing, and other times, they… do not.

The reason that each Zelda game has such a different interpretation on the Zelda template is that its two primary creative heads, creator Shigeru Miyamoto and present series custodian Eiji Aonuma, cannot seem to agree on what the ‘essence of Zelda‘ actually is.

“It’s indeed always a source of debate with Mr. Miyamoto, simply because we both think about what defines Zelda and we’re not always on the same page,” Aonuma said to GameKult (via Nintendo Everything and Nintendo Life). “We eventually agreed this year, when we went to New York for a promotion tour. As we were talking, Mr. Miyamoto found the right words by saying that the essence of The Legend of Zelda is an environment where Link evolves and gains power, which the players will directly feel through the actions they can take as the story goes on.”

I personally think that the essence of Zelda is the joy and wonder of exploration and discovery, but Aonuma and Miyamoto’s take is close enough, too. Just… as long as we don’t get another game like Skyward Sword, I should be good.

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  • Marc Grierson

    Has it become cool to throw shade at Skyward Sword or something? I mean you guys did give it a 9.5 in your review. It has a metascore of 93 and was a bloody brilliant game yet in the last couple of years it seems to have been getting some critique that was not there when the game came out – almost like as time has passed its become the cool to throw digs at the game.

    Apologies – just realised that this is a different author and Pramath has stated it is his opinion which is fair enough.

    Still though – great game, gets a lot of stick.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Just because Skyward Sword didn’t follow the same formula or structure as past Zelda games, doesn’t make it less of a Zelda game or of less quality for that matter. The way it was designed fit the story. That’s all there is to it. IMHO it kept the essence of Zelda which was getting lost in a new world to explore and find hidden secrets: in which served to drive the story forward and reveal new stuff as time went on. It’s underrated tbh – I know not everyone is gonna like EVERY single Zelda game we all have our own perspective, but Skyward Sword is deserving of more credit than it ever earned. Think of it this way – without Skyward Sword, Nintendo wouldn’t have thought to go back to basics and try to reinvent it for refresh so franchise stays alive. Haha. Skyward Sword will always be one of my favorites, especially with the motion controls. Interpretation is also a factor – Zelda has always taken on different forms over the years, Skyward Sword is no exception therefore it’s not exception to being a Zelda game at its core it still is. For that matter though, the philosophy Aonuma and Miyamoto expressed still rings through the game just not as extensively. Each Zelda echoes more emphasis on a different aspect every time. Especially since Skyward Sword was the origin story really to how all Zelda games followed after so of course it is natural that the game isn’t as expansive or dense since it was only an introduction to what we’d come to know as Hyrule after all. And for the most part, I agree with their philosophy.

  • MoonshineGFT

    Sick of the undeserved flack that Skyward Sword has gotten in the last few years. Seriously, did everyone just develop some sort of post-Wii nasal fungus thats causes all this nose-snuffing at Wii classics?


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