10 Games That Could Show up at the Rumoured PlayStation Showcase

It's looking increasingly likely that a PlayStation Showcase is on the horizon, and it could be bringing some major new announcements.

Posted By | On 15th, May. 2023

10 Games That Could Show up at the Rumoured PlayStation Showcase

With megatons like God of War Ragnarok, Horizon Forbidden West, and Gran Turismo 7 all having launched last year, we’ve gone through nearly the entire slate of the last batch of PlayStation titles that Sony announced, so it’s no surprise that many are of the opinion that it’s probably time for the company to announce more major upcoming games for the PS5. Thankfully, if recent leaks are to be believed, it looks like a PlayStation Showcase is very much on the horizon and set for the week of May 25. As excitement surrounding the potential event continues to build, here, through a mixture of looking at rumours and our own educated guesses, we’ve compiled a list of 10 games that are likely to show up at the PlayStation Showcase.

Let’s start off with the most obvious pick.


marvel's spider-man 2

Currently, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is the only first party PlayStation title officially confirmed to release in 2023, and as the PlayStation Studios banner’s next big flagship game, it’s obviously got a lot of eyes on it. Insomniac confirmed earlier this year that it would be out this Fall, while actor Tony Todd – who plays Venom in the game – also let slip that its targeting a September launch. Given the fact that there isn’t long left until that window, Sony and Insomniac are probably gearing up to kickstart the hype machine surrounding Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. We’d be very surprised if the rumoured upcoming PlayStation Showcase did not feature a meaty gameplay reveal for the superhero sequel.


Silent Hill 2 Remake_02

Announced last year as a PS5 console exclusive after years of leaks and speculation, Bloober Team’s Silent Hill 2 remake is without a doubt one of the biggest and most intriguing games in the pipeline for Sony’s console, especially in this golden age of remakes and survival horror games. And even though Konami itself has yet to announce a release date for the game, Bloober Team itself has said on a couple of occasions that development is close to wrapping up, suggesting that a 2023 launch might not be out of the question. If that is indeed the case, as a major upcoming PS5 exclusive, we’d expect the Silent Hill 2 remake to have a prominent presence at any upcoming showcase.


This one’s interesting. Silent Hill coming back from the dead was significant enough in and of itself, but of course, reports have been insisting for a couple of years that fellow beloved Konami franchise Metal Gear Solid is on the comeback trail as well. Those rumours have hit a fever pitch in recent days, with reports emerging that a ground-up remake of Metal Gear Solid 3 (supposedly developed by Virtuos) will be announced at the PlayStation Showcase, and will be following in Silent Hill 2’s footsteps as a PS5 exclusive. Too good to be true? We’ll probably find out soon enough.


the last of us multiplayer

We have known since 2020 that Naughty Dog has a standalone multiplayer The Last of Us project of some sort in the works, and though the developer has shared very little on the game in the time since then (besides a couple of pieces of concept art), that is very likely going to change soon. It was confirmed earlier this year that more details on the project would be shared in 2023, and a PlayStation Showcase, if one is indeed happening, is obviously the best place for that. Of course, there’s also the chance that Naughty Dog and Sony end up unveiling the game at, say, Summer Game Fest (as they did with The Last of Us Part 1 that year), though it’s fair to say that that’s the less likely scenario.


mortal kombat 11

While many had expected that NetherRealm Studios would be moving on to Injustice 3 after Mortal Kombat 11, it turns out that the developer has decided to stick with the latter franchise. Earlier this year, WB Games confirmed that the next Mortal Kombat game would launch in 2023, while the last week or soo has seen NetherRealm dropping teases that seem to be pointing to an imminent announcement. Interestingly, according to leaks, the game is set to be a reboot of the series called Mortal Kombat 1 and will be unveiled in the next couple of weeks, so the timeline certainly lines up. This one’s almost a shoo-in for the PlayStation Showcase.


Developed by Team Ninja and set to be published under the PlayStation Studios banner, Rise of the Ronin is another major upcoming first party PS5 exclusive, and though we haven’t seen an awful lot of it yet, what we have seen has surely intrigued us. The open world samurai action RPG was announced last year with a 2024 launch window, and if it does plan on sticking to that window, it would make sense that we get another look at it soon. Additionally, with Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty now a couple of months old, Team Ninja will probably want to start talking about its next project soon.


When Sony and Insomniac announced Marvel’s Wolverine at the 2021 PlayStation Showcase, the game was said to be in early development, so the expectation was that we probably wouldn’t be seeing it again for at least a couple of years. Well, guess what- it’s been a couple of years. While Spider-Man 2 is obviously Insomniac’s primary focus right now, Wolverine is most likely the studio’s next big game, and given the pace at which Insomniac works, it wouldn’t surprise us if the gap between the two releases ends up being shorter than may may have expected. Two years on from its announcement, a new trailer for Wolverine that maybe shows off a little bit of the gameplay would go down very well indeed.


bluepoint games

With Shadow of the Colossus in 2018 and Demon’s Souls in 2020, Bluepoint Games has delivered to excellent remakes for Sony’s consoles, and now that it’s a first party studio, questions about what the studio could be working on next are being asked with even greater frequency. So what is Bluepoint working on? Back in 2021, it was confirmed that the developer’s next title would be “original content” rather than another remake or remaster, but might we actually get to see what that entails in the near future? It’s been a while since Demon’s Souls, so it’s not completely outside the realms of possibility.


Twisted Metal

For about a couple of years now, we’ve been seeing leaks and rumours about a Twisted Metal revival being in the works, with British developer Firesprite – which is, of course, now a first party PlayStation studio – allegedly developing the game. The fact that Sony has ambitious plans for expanding in the live service space is no secret to anyone, and Twisted Metal seems like a franchise that’s particularly suited to that model. And now, with a TV series coming up in a couple months’ time, Sony might decide to strike the iron while its hot and unveil the series’ revival with a new game as well.


ghost of tsushima director's cut

Anytime Sony does a new showcase event, it’s more or less guaranteed that the company is going to show off a big, marquee first party game, something in the same bracket as the Horizons of the world. Looking at PlayStation Studios’ current slate of games that are either confirmed or likely to be in development, the title that fits that description and might actually potentially be ready to be announced is Ghost of Tsushima 2. Sucker Punch’s open world samurai epic is three years old in a couple of months, and we’d love to see a sequel steal the show with an announcement at the rumoured upcoming event.

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