10 Greatest Video Game Mascots

There are countless heroes in the gaming wolrd, but some stick with us more than others. Some are appointed as the mascot by a company while other’s are picked by the community itself.

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We all have our favorite characters in video games. These characters may be an official representative of a developer, or a hardware manufacturer. Our favorite characters are powerful, yet exposed and vulnerable and can sometimes feel as human as you or anyone else.

A good character can represent an entire generation or just a game genre that is powerful. No matter how far back we may go in gaming there is always a connection to be found and an experience that others can share with you. These mascots of the gaming world are much more than a person in a rubber suit representing our colleges or favorite sports teams. They represent a feeling, an idea and most importantly the power of the human mind.

1. The Mario Brothers:

Well this one is obvious, they’re basically the little Italian men that started it all. Hell, Mario is the guywho is dodging barrels and saving the damsel in distress before he even had a game himself. His nemesis is a guerrilla with an identity crisis who thought he was a donkey and there were more ladders than most of us would care to ever actually climb.

Then he met up with his brother and they went on to fight Bowser and save the Princess as well as the Mushroom kingdom. Mario and his brother Luigi are the most iconic characters in video game history and probably the most popular plumbers to never actually unclog a pipe. They’ve had cartoons, a movie and merchandise named after them. The Mario Brothers are where many of us started as gamers. We will always have fond memories of these brothers no matter what platform we’ve chosen as our favorite.

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