10 Heart-Pounding Chases on Horseback

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I know a lot of people say that dogs are man’s best friend but, if we’re being honest, you just can’t ride a dog. Unless you’re very small. Or have a very big dog. Horses are a different case altogether. They may seem rather womanly as a leisure activity, but riding them into battle with sword and bow at the ready is all man. In respect of our four legged friends, here’s a list of ten horse related chase scenes that got your blood pumping; for whatever reason.

10. Zoo race

A false start so to speak, with a truly awful game. Zoo race is a biblical racing game where various animals race for some kind of Noah-and-his-ark related prize. It’s weird, glitchy and very messy. In a way though, that’s what makes the chase so exciting. The game is so poorly made and unpredictable that you never know what will happen next. Granted it’s not on horseback as such but, as you’re actually playing a horse, it has to count surely?

9. God of War 2

So you’re riding Pegasus and, in the God of War mythos, he looks seriously bad ass. What’s not to love? Of all the horses you could get the chance to ride, you’d definitely take the flying one. The actual action in the chase seen is fairly standard for the GoW franchise, but the idea of getting a crack on Pegasus is thrilling enough (no euphemism intended.)

8. Lucky Luke

Growing up in Europe for the majority of my childhood, Lucky Luke was a pretty standard Gameboy game to have. The side-scrolling wild west action always went down smooth, but the horse chases were where it really kicked off. It might not look like much now, but at the time it was pretty intense. The punks in the video have it in colour, but back in my day it was black and white all the way. Skip to 3:04 for the start of the horse section.

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