10 PS Vita Games To Look Forward To In 2012

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The PS Vita has an incredible launch lineup, probably the best we’ve seen in the past many generations. Being just a day away from release in Japan and a few months in western markets, hype for the system and its game is at an all time high. But the launch lineup isn’t the only thing where it’s at- throughout the year- and beyond- the system will be getting a slew of great releases. Listing just ten out of so many of them is a tough job, but we’ve done it nonetheless.

So enjoy the list and tell us which Vita games you’re looking forward to the most in your comments below.

Little Deviants

Taking full advantage of the PS Vita’s touch and motion capabilities, Little Deviants will offer an experience unlike any other. We’ve seen little of it so far, and it seems to be getting undeservedly low hype, but the little we do know about this game looks very good, and we definitely cannot wait to see how it shows off the Vita’s capabilities. It may not be a high flying action game, but it still looks like something we will all have fun playing. 

Uncharted: Golden Abyss

This is a no-brainer. Golden Abyss is a game worth buying not just because it’s an Uncharted game, but also because it looks amazing. It retains the cinematic, intense feel of its PS3 counterparts, and has the same awesome shooting and platforming we all want to see in Uncharted games. It may not be developed by Naughty Dog, but it still very much feels like an Uncharted game, no different from the console versions at all. Plus, Sony Bend is a great studio, having handled games like the PSP Syphon Filter games and Resistance: Retribution, so a game that they’ve worked on can’t really be bad.

Resistance: Burning Skies

Burning Skies is perhaps of the games that are a must buy for all those who get a Vita. Since the system has two analog sticks, being a first person shooter won’t be a problem for the game- in fact, it’ll be very true to the franchise’ formula, and Resistance fans will definitely want to get their hands on it. Yes, the developers handling the game aren’t the most prolific ones, but the previews for the game have been great, and we have no reason to believe the final impressions will be any less so.

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