10 Things That Need To Be Changed for GTA V

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Does anyone remember Grand Theft Auto’s initial incarnation any more? GTA 1 and 2 had some bright ideas, but shoddy bird’s eye view graphics prevented it from being any more than an amusing spectacle. This changed when GTA 3 came out in 2001, giving the series the fun factor it needed to back up its dividing and adult subject matter. With GTA 4 taking the series in new directions further still, what changes are left to be made in GTA 5, and what would we want these changes to be?

10. No Toll Booths

So you’ve been on GTA 4 for a while and are eager to get on to your next mission as soon as possible. You’re cruising over a bridge to the next mission giver, only to have to come screeching to a halt so you can pay a toll booth. I know you can just plough through them if you wish, but you then have the police to contend with. I get that they need a way to signify the transition between islands and sections of the map, but I hope they’ll be able to find a way of showing this that doesn’t reduce your speed too much when GTA 5 rolls around.

9. Random Events

Nothing like a randomly appearing bandit to hogtie. Now we just need a modern day equivalent for GTA 5

This one’s almost a given. One of the best things about Red Dead Redemption was the random events that occurred during your travels in the wild west. Whether it was highwaymen attacking an innocent bystander, banks getting held up or women tied on the railway tracks, the chance encounters really made the experience all the more involving. Translate that to modern day times and you’re sure to have a winning element in GTA 5.

8. Consequences

There are many different things you can do in the Grand Theft Auto series but, aside from crowds of civilians running away in hysterics and a police rating, its never really felt like these actions had much consequence. Aside from some allies and friends offering you more services and aid, it would be nice to see some more consequences and reactions for your choices. If you kill a drug dealer, other people in the trade will be less likely to help you; Bikers will help you out if you kill members of rival gangs etc. It would just add that little bit more depth to the usual Grand Theft Auto proceedings.

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