10 Things That Will Make PS4 A Better Console Than PS3

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Cloud gaming

With the advent of online gaming and services such as OnLive, the pressure is on for which company can deliver cloud gaming to the masses with the greatest efficiency. As far as cloud solutions to game saves and other synchronized information is concerned, Sony have always been a bit ahead of the game, causing speculation that they may well be in the running for offering legitimate cloud gaming opportunities on the PS4 in the near future. Some form of cloud gaming would give the PS4 a big boost, even if it is only of DLC titles and classics rather than full blown blockbuster games.

A quieter and slimmer design

Sony have vastly improved the PS3’s rep ever since the launch of the re-branded PS3 slim, but the original phat PS3 is a bit of a beast. It doesn’t look too bad, but its shape is a little bit awkward and it sounds like a wilder-beast choking on a hacksaw. That thing is loud, and some games really bring out the worst of it. Try playing Uncharted 3 on one of these guys; I dare you. Sony need to find a better way of keeping the PS4 cool that won’t compromise our ears and eyes in the same way.

A smarter price

Another glorious improvement made for the PS3 slim models was a serious price cut. As it stands now, the PS3 sells for a good price, a fact reflected in the console’s increased sales figures since the slim models launched. The initial launch price for the original PS3 though, and Sony’s seemingly arrogant attitude about it, was a real deal breaker for a lot of people when the PS3 first launched. Let’s hope Sony get some perspective for the launch of the PS4 and keep those costs competitive.

Better PSN communication features

The Playstation Network is getting better all the time, with the platform adding various services as it has faithfully served gamers over the past six years. It still has a few shortcomings though in comparison to Xbox Live. These issues are mainly in how players communicate with each other. The ability to send voice messages and have cross game chats with your buddies will be a must have feature for the PS4. It would also be nice if we could have more than a hundred entries in our friends list. A small complaint, but valid all the same.

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