10 Xbox Series X | S And PS5 Games You Probably Didn’t Know Are In Development

We do a rundown of some games that you probably didn't know are in development, but are definitely worth keeping on your radar.

Posted By | On 08th, Jan. 2023

10 Xbox Series X | S And PS5 Games You Probably Didn’t Know Are In Development

Despite the setbacks suffered by the games industry on account of the pandemic, the medium continues to grow at a rapid pace with developers pushing for new experiences left right, and center. Many upcoming experiences remain undiscovered on most gamers’ radars, and that might be due to poor marketing or early announcements or development issues – most fans forget that they actually exist. To that end, here are 10 upcoming games that you probably didn’t know are in development right now. 

Death Stranding 2 – Working Title

Death Stranding 2

Kojima Productions’ took a huge risk with Death Stranding – a game that veered away from open-world and action-adventure stereotypes to create something that was totally different from the crowd. Sure, it wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea – but it certainly managed to garner a dedicated fanbase that warranted a sequel. After a healthy round of rumours from multiple sources and hints from Kojima-san himself, Death Stranding 2 has finally been announced at the recent The Game Awards. 

The trailer stars Fragile as she makes her way out of a safehouse with a baby in hand, and we see new vehicles like a unicycle in this segment as well. Then, we cut back to the present and we see an older Sam being convinced by Fragile to take another arduous journey with her. Sure, the details are scant at the moment – and we can’t wait to know more about the sequel and see the changes in action.

Grand Theft Auto 6

Grand Theft Auto 5 was released back in 2013, and it’s shocking to see how we have been deprived of a new GTA game for almost 10 years now. Naturally, plenty of rumours and reports emerged in recent years – but Rockstar has finally announced that the next numbered entry in the series is in active development. But then some leaked gameplay also showcased some new details such as a female protagonist, shop robberies, among other things.

It’s nowhere near ready yet, and Rockstar’s insistence on keeping development details close to its chest further solidifies this belief. But at least we know its coming, and hopefully – more information will be revealed in 2023.

Beyond Good And Evil 2

Believe it or not, Beyond Good and Evil 2 was announced back in 2008 – and while we didn’t get to see much of it in action, Ubisoft did unveil a cinematic trailer of the sequel in 2018. And following that, we got to see some gameplay snippets where we see different shades of action, exploration, and player progression in the heart of the open world. 

As you can already guess, Beyond Good and Evil 2 has some pretty lofty ambitions – such as multiple giant planets (each with its own sets of rules and regulations, different quests and rewards and so on). And sure enough, it seems like these ambitions have gotten the better of them since the development hasn’t obviously been the smoothest. 

Fun fact: Beyond Good and Evil 2 has broken the world record for being the longest game in development, which was previously held by Duke Nukem Forever with a development cycle of 15 years.

The developer has confirmed that it’s still working on the game, so we can rest knowing that it will hopefully come out in the near future. 

State of Decay 3 

state of decay 3

Undead Labs unveiled the first glimpse of State of Decay 3 back in 2020, and that was a pretty brief showing. We know that the development is being done on Unreal Engine 5, and the game will be coming to Xbox and PC. More details will probably surface in the near future, so stay tuned for that.

New Fatal Fury

New Fatal Fury_Garou

Before there was King of Fighters, developer SNK was best known for its work on the Fatal Fury series. The series has remained in hiatus for more than 20 years, but not anymore. SNK has announced that a new game in the series has been greenlit. Details other than that are sparse for now, and fans are equal parts excited and skeptical about the many changes that would be happening to the series. 

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman image

Monolith Productions of Shadow of Mordor fame is moving to a new territory with its upcoming Wonder Woman game. It was announced back at The Game Awards 2021, and apart from a brief teaser showcasing a close-up of Wonder Woman’s character model – we know very little about what’s in store. That said, Monolith has clarified that will be an original story and set in an open world – so we are naturally looking forward to seeing elements from the Mordor games being morphed for this experience. The Nemesis system is confirmed make a return – though we can’t say how that will be adapted for this game.

New Iron Man Game

Iron Man - EA_Motive Studio

Remember the last time that we received an amazing Iron Man game? Me neither. But thankfully – EA Motive and Marvel are joining forces to bring a new experience starring our beloved superhero. We know that it will be an original story that will tap into the rich story of Iron Man, and that it will have AAA-level production quality – but other than that, we know very little about this game. It’s obviously some ways off from release, but we can’t wait to dive into it. 

Untitled Marvel game from Skydance New Media

skydance new media marvel game

There’s no shortage of Marvel games coming in the near future, but you might be surprised to know that Skydance New Media – a gaming division of Skydance Media – is also working on one such title. Amy Hennig is leading the project, and we know that it will be an original story that will revolve around Black Panther, Captain America and two additional heroes. The short trailer reveals that the game is set during World War II, and the developers have promised that it will “craft an all-new, thrilling narrative experience.”

New TimeSplitters game


Much like Fatal Fury that we discussed before, most fans had accepted that TimeSplitters is a franchise that’s been lost to the times. However, that’s not the case since Deep Silver has finally announced that a sequel is in the works. It will be developed by Free Radical Design under the leadership of original co-founders. But don’t expect it to come out anytime soon, since development is still in its earliest stages at the time of writing this feature. It has not been confirmed for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S yet, but given that the publisher releases its games on most modern platforms, current-gen versions of the game is definitely not out of the question.

Control 2

Control - Ashtray Maze

Remedy Entertainment struck gold with Control, a game that’s the perfect showcase of the Finnish developer’s biggest strengths. Following its success and the ending of the original, it’s only natural that a sequel would follow. After plenty of rumours, Remedy has finally announced that a full-fledged sequel to Control is in the works. We can expect it to dive deeper into the Remedy multiverse and I hope there will be some links to the events that will happen in Alan Wake 2, alongside major gameplay improvements as well. But it’s still in deep development, so there’s going to be some time before we get our hands on this game.

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