14 Disturbing Pokemon Facts You May Not Know

Pokemon isn’t as cute and cuddly as you may think. Here are some of the most disturbing Pokémon facts.

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Pokémon is known as a cute, cuddly world were children raise a team of loyal, powerful creatures, but there is darkness below this bright surface. Here are some of the most disturbing Pokémon facts that you may not be aware of.

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Rivals Raticate has died when you see him in lavender Town

While on your first Pokémon adventure in Red and Blue Versions, you eventually get to Lavender Town. The town’s key tourist attraction is the Pokémon Tower, which houses hundreds of Pokémon graves on each floor. As you climb up its seven floors, you run into your rival. He is standing in front of a grave and as you approach he asks, “Do you know about loss?” then, once you start to battle, he is mysteriously missing his Raticate, which he has had since the beginning of your adventure. This is supposedly because his Raticate has passed away and he is in Lavender town to bury his beloved Pokémon.

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