15 Amazing Boss Fights In The Original Final Fantasy 7

More than a few to choose from.

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Final Fantasy games are almost always guaranteed to be loaded with excellent, memorable boss fights, whether that comes in the form of story bosses or optional encounters. Being one of the best games this series has to offer, it’s really not very surprising that Final Fantasy 7 has more than a few great boss fights as well. In this feature, we’ll be talking about some of our favourites.


When you think of gruellingly difficult optional boss fights in video games, chances are your mind jumps straight to Emerald Weapon. Literally a million hit points, sweeping attacks that can do devastating damage, and a time limit (unless you have the Underwater Materia), it’s a proper gauntlet. Funnily enough, it’s for this reason that many find this battle to be among the most frustrating ones in the entire series, but there’s just something about besting this foe, a rush of adrenaline that surges through you when you finally conquer this enemy, that is hard to replicate.

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