15 Cool Features In The Upcoming DOOM

The newest DOOM is shaping up to be a quick action game with the Bethesda stamp of approval.

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In this fourth entry in the DOOM series, Bethesda are taking the franchise to new, current gen heights. With the inclusion of dozens of new features, a slap of beautiful graphics, and that special bit of Bethesda love, it’s time to dive right back into the bloody action and return to the roots of what makes DOOM a must have first person shooter this year.

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6 Mode Multiplayer

Upon launch in May, DOOM will feature 6 multiplayer modes. Now, this doesn’t mean map count (we’ll discuss that later on!), so don’t get too worked up just yet. These modes are called Soul Harvest, Freeze Tag, Warpath, Clan Arena, Domination, and Team Deathmatch. Here’s what’s going on in the less familiar game modes: Soul Harvest is similar to Kill Confirmed on Call of Duty, where you must collect the soul after you kill the player. Freeze Tag allows players to be frozen and then killed, or unthaw them for more play. Warpath resembles Gears of War’s Annex which is similar to King of the Hill but with a moving hill. And Clan Arena is an all-out brawl with no health or regens.

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