15 Games That “Borrowed” Assets from Other Properties

You’ve probably seen that asset somewhere before.

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Every form of mass media takes inspiration from somewhere. It’s the hallmark of civilization – stories evolve, twist and turn over the generations, becoming more refined and nuanced. However, there are differences between using popular tropes, archetypes and clichés and straight up “borrowing” – or at worst, stealing – someone else’s creative work. We decided to take a look at several games which were “inspired” by other properties, some blatantly and others a lot more so.

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King of Fighters

At one point, the King of Fighters was set to have a character that resembled Tetsuo from the movie Akira. The character’s voice actor was even hired for the process. It’s hard to not see the similarities but we’re guessing due to copyright issues, this character was changed to Nameless from King of Fighters 2002 onwards.

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