15 Games That Were Graphically Way Ahead of Their Time – Part 2

Even more technical marvels.

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Quite recently, we did a feature on games that were, at the time of their release, visual marvels, games that stood head and shoulders above their peers in terms of their technical achievements. You can take a look at it here. Predictably, many of you weren’t happy with our picks (come on people, a Top 15 can only have 15 games!), and left a lot of great suggestions in the comments. So here’s part two of that feature. Here, we’re going to take a look at even more games that were way ahead of their time, graphically speaking, based on both, suggestions by you in the comments of our previous feature, and some games we were reminded of on our own.

If history has taught us anything, it’s that there are still going to be quite a lot of games that you’re gonna want to see in this list but are not gonna make the cut, so if you have any suggestions, leave them behind in your comments. Who knows, maybe we’ll make a part three.

As always, keep in mind that this list is in random orderAnyway, let’s get right to it!


Naughty Dog are absolute masters when it comes to making visual beasts. Starting with the first Uncharted in 2007, Naughty Dog triggered a string of one technical marvel after another, and The Last of Us was their crowning achievement on the PS3 (side note: the PS4 Remaster looks even more stunning). The Last of Us was crammed full of detail in typical Naughty Dog fashion, with amazing lighting, wonderfully rendered environments, stunning character models, and, thanks to the studio’s amazing motion capture work, some of the best animated and best acted cutscenes you will ever see in any video game.

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