15 Games With Addictive Combat

The violence never ceases to be fun in these games.

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For all the compliments that video games receive for their graphics, presentation, story and sound design, the core gameplay is what keeps us coming back. To that end, some games handle the basic combat loop better than others, as we come back again and again for our fill of the action. Let’s take a look at 15 games with addictive combat and what makes them unique.

Guilty Gear Series

Arc System Works had more of a niche following with the Guilty Gear series. However, over the years, the combat’s complexity and outright insanity has attracted more players. For example, Guilty Gear Xrd utilizes a number of basic commands like punching, kicking, slashing and heavy slashing. It’s in the combination of these commands that special things happen like Psych Bursts to escape opponents or special Tension Gauge attacks. Along with a crazy story mode, Guilty Gear Xrd further incentivizes survival mode with M.O.M., offering an almost RPG-like progression system and leveling. Though tough to ultimately master, Guilty Gear’s combat shouldn’t be missed.

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