15 Instances of Games Within Games

It’s a game! Within a game! What madness is this?!

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Who doesn’t like getting an awesome free game or just a neat little, self-contained gameplay experience within a game they already own? One second you’re just running around, doing your thing, and the next you’re raising Chaos in Sonic Adventure. Games contained within games have been around for a while and we thought it’d be great to look at some of the better examples of this phenomenon throughout the history of gaming.

Before you ask, there’s a reason WarioWare hasn’t been included. The objective of this feature is to look at games that are either completely separate from the main game (but still accessible from within) and which aren’t necessary for your progress. Given the whole point of WarioWare is to play through bite-sized collections of games (i.e. it’s not optional), some inspired by classic Nintendo titles, it felt a little too easy to include it here. Regardless, it’s still recommended if you’re into zany Nintendo humour and various micro-games.

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Jazz Punk – Pizza Survival Horror

Okay, so this is probably the weakest example of a game within a game. That being said, Pizza Survival Horror is still very much a game in Jazz Punk. Where else will you stumble upon a decrepit looking Pizza Hut-esque restaurant that pays tribute to The Shining with its ramblings? Short but sweet, this little “game” is hard to forget…and that’s saying something when you consider the sea of trippiness that is Jazz Punk.

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