15 Most Awful Gameplay Features No One Asked For

Some gameplay mechanics are totally not required. Here are 15 such features.

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A lot of great video games end up having terrible gameplay mechanics. It goes without saying that a lot of terrible games share that distinction as well. But for the most part, a lot of these terrible gameplay features are ones nobody asked for.

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Unskippable Cutscenes

A lot of the time video game stories just aren’t very good. Sometimes they are good, but you keep dying and have to rewatch cutscenes because of it. You want to skip these cutscenes and get on with the game, but lo and behold, the game won’t let you. It’s like the developers are forcing you to sit there and watch the cutscenes for no reason. “We spent all day slaving over a hot computer for this,” you can hear the developers say “no you sit here and watch every second of it.”

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