15 Most Evil PS4 Trophies And Xbox One Achievements

Are these really even achievements/trophies…?

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Trophies and Achievements have become a pretty fundamental part of the way we play video games (at least for PlayStation and Xbox gamers), so much so that we don’t even give them too much thought anymore- at least not as much as we used to about a decade ago. Some trophies and achievements, though, stick out in memory for one reason or another. In this feature, we’re going to take a look at fifteen trophies that we remember because of the evil things they made us do to get them. Without further ado, let’s begin.


Near the end of Arkham Asylum, as Batman is walking into the Joker’s “party”, there is a section where he enters a corridor lined with the Joker’s thugs. While it is completely possible for the players to not engage them in combat and just walk past them, the “Party Pooper” trophy requires you to beat all of them up. Of course, even if we look past the fact that the corridor is literally brimming with a ridiculous amount of these thugs, the fact that they were just standing there, doing nothing wrong and minding their own business paints the Caped Crusader in a bad light.

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