15 Most Terrifying Rooms In Video Games

Not all rooms are safe rooms.

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Sometimes a game in it’s entirety isn’t really all that scary, scary but a part of it can be unexpectedly terrifying. Conversely, there are times when maybe a game is chillingly scary, but there is a particular room or section in it that manages to stand out even so, either through pure, in-your-face horror, or through its implications, or in some other unexplainable way. This is a feature about fifteen such rooms in video games.


timesplitters future perfect

There were quite a lot of sections in area in TimeSplitters: Future Perfect that were quite unsettling. The boss fight against the Deerhaunter comes to mind, for instance, while one more similarly disconcerting section of the game came when players entered what looked like it used to be a child’s room, in the attic of the mansion of madness. The room, if viewed in a fleeting glance, is featureless and unremarkable, but if you spend even a second in there, you start to notice that a lot is not quite right in there. There’s a rocking horse that is constantly rocking, and bloodstains on the walls, while you can also constantly hear loud banging noises and unsettling voices from behind the walls.

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