15 New GTA 6-Like Games to Look Forward to

Posted By | On 10th, Jan. 2024

15 New GTA 6-Like Games to Look Forward to

With Grand Theft Auto 6’s big reveal out of the way, there’s a danger many of the GTA-alike games on this rundown could be overshadowed by Rockstar Games’ monolithic crime adventure.

As it happens, there’s a ton of games that pluck bits of GTA’s aesthetic and mould it into their own experience. The games on this rundown aren’t just crime orientated; many adapt an immersive, life sim experience into a vibrant open world. Check out these 15 upcoming GTA-like games, as there’ll certainly be a time when you’ll want another open world to dive into.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Like a Dragon’s likeable underdog Ichiban Kasuga unites with Yakuza mainstay Kazuma Kiryu in another spawling RPG epic set along the shorelines of tropical Hawaii alongside the more familiar districts of Japan. Set to be the longest game in the Yakuza oeuvre at 45-50 hours, our two larger-than-life heroes have been brought together by the hands of fate, joining forces to fight sinister foes. Jobs, skills, and outlandish scenarios return as well as turn-based combat. Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth releases January 26th, 2024, to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.


The goal of hyper-realistic life sim InZOI is to keep its denizens suitably fed, watered, and happy. There are jobs to apply for, chores to fulfil, instruments to play, and ovens to set on fire. With an extensive character customisation and in-depth build mode, InZOI promises hours of life affirming gameplay. Playable platforms aren’t confirmed at this stage, and we’re expecting to wait another year before we can dive in; InZOI is targeting a late 2024 release window.


In this open-world RPG, you’ll play as a bounty hunter tasked with rising through a criminal empire whilst earning money on bounties to spend on weapons and upgrades. Of course, this being a Cyberpunk 2077 adjacent game, neon-lit rain-soaked city streets imbued in shades of pink and purple characterise the experience. In truth, VIGILANCER 2099’s puddle-strewn streets look incredible. Let’s hope the gameplay, touting flying vehicles and multiple traversal options – including a fun looking parkour mechanic – match up to the visual splendour. This one’s been in the works for a while; there’s no official release window, and up to now it seems to be PC only.


Rockstar alumni Leslie Benzies’ new studio Build a Rocket Boy’s first outing is a community-driven open world extravaganza, one whereby imagination runs riot, where players can build, play, and connect in newfound ways. What does this entail in terms of gameplay? Well, you and your mates can explore vast biomes, take down entire armies, race cars across crystal laser worlds, or simply hang out. Everywhere promises everything. A closed alpha began on December 5th.


Another life sim on this rundown, this time blending real-life visuals with a pixel art aesthetic, in Nivalis players can grow businesses and manage restaurants. Apartments can be bought and fish can be caught. The sky’s the limit in this city stretching from the shore to the clouds. Nivalis has a speculative 2024 release date, with PC looking like the only platform announced thus far.

Mumbai Gullies

Rise to high society in one of India’s most vibrant cities in Mumbai Gullies, a third-person open world adventure featuring more activities than you can shake a stick at. Invest in the stock exchange, go shopping, go out for lunch, explore the tourist traps all whilst reaching the top of a criminal empire. Mumbai seems an exceptional setting for an exciting experience. Coming to PC, with a release window yet to be announced, be sure to wishlist this one on Steam to keep in the loop.



Playable right now in early access is this Brazilian inspired Grand Theft Auto. 171 is an open world action adventure, one that’ll be immediately familiar to residents of Brazil. Here, every action has a reaction, aggression draws attention, wielding weaponry brings the full force of the law and a slew of bandits at your door. 171 is a living, breathing experience, densely populated with innocent civilians and interactive elements. Coming to PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC when the game’s alpha period is over.

Gangstar New York 

Originally set to release in 2022, perhaps owing to Gangstar New York’s lofty ambition the game has suffered numerous delays. An open alpha ended in May 2023, but a release date still isn’t forthcoming. When it does come out, expect a social sandbox experience set in a near-future New York that’s ripe for the taking by some criminal underling. Players will be free to traverse the world as they see fit, with running, driving, climbing, parkour, grapple hooks, ziplines, and jetpacks all on offer as players journey to the top of the criminal underworld. Hopefully everything is running smoothly behind the scenes, and we’ll see a release date soon.

The Precinct

the precinct

Heavily indebted to old-school GTA only this time instead of becoming a criminal kingpin in a reimagined US city, players will rise through the ranks of fictional Averno City’s police force. This action sandbox features procedurally generated crimes, from petty misdemeanours like parking infractions and littering to halting illegal street races, undertaking exhilarating car chases through twisted streets and alleyways on the hunt for powerful enemies and responding to bank heists alongside Averno’s finest, with player choice on how to complete each mission front and centre. UK developer Fallen Tree Games are plotting a 2024 release, with PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S the announced platforms.

Project Balod

Another story-driven action adventure on this rundown taking place on the streets of an Indian city, Project Balod is semi-open world but features a heavily dose of shooting action, with a mysterious narrative to unspool amidst the chaotic urban backdrop. Not a lot is known about this Indian gangster game, with the developer yet to announce a release date or playable platforms.



Contraband is an upcoming co-op heist game from Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios. Set in the fictional 1970s world of Bayan, Contraband is described as a smuggler’s paradise. Squads can plan heists from their base of operations, with a host of valuable loot on offer for well executed plans. There’s no release date confirmed for this one yet but owing to the studio’s pedigree this is sure to be a hit when it does come out.

Project Madras

Amongst the best-looking games on this rundown owing to its development in Unreal Engine 5, Project Madras takes place on the open world streets of Chennai. A vibrant, explorative affair, Project Madras will have players roaming the marinas, monuments, and side streets of this exhilarating city, a place with homely locals, and a side of spicy Chennai. A game in the early stages of development, no release window or playable platforms have been announced yet.

Star Wars Outlaws

With the slew of scoundrels dotted throughout the galaxy, it’s a marvel no studio has attempted a game like Star Wars Outlaws yet. Massive Entertainment’s open-world adventure through the retched hives of scum and villainy looks exceptional, with players’ plotting one of the biggest heists this side of the outer rim territories across the familiar deserts of Tatooine. Coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC in 2024.

Cyberpunk 2077 Orion

Cyberpunk 2077 is well and truly redeemed, and whilst CD Projekt Red have announced they’re pooling resources into The Witcher 4, eyes will certainly be looking expectedly on codename Orion, Cyberpunk 2077’s sequel. For their part, the Polish developer are stationing a new team in Boston who’ll steadily plug away in the coming years. We can only imagine the splendour of Night City given a few years’ worth of development and expertise – let’s just hope this one is playable from the off.

Mafia 4 (Rumored)

mafia definitive edition

Will there ever be a Mafia 4? Well, developer Hanger 13 announced in 2022 that Mafia’s fourth iteration was in active development. Since then, information has been scant. Latest rumours are that Mafia 4 will be set in 20th century Sicily. Whether this rumour turns out to be true is anyone’s guess. Put this one firmly in the rumoured pile.

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