15 Things Players Want Bungie To Fix In Destiny

Destiny is in a better state this year but here are some gripes that still exist.

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Oh, Destiny. Is there any game in the past year that’s invited as much love, hatred, controversy, anger and joy as Bungie’s shared world shooter? Even after The Taken King released and purported to have solved all of the base game’s issues, there are still a number of a problems that continue to exist in Destiny. Here are 15 things Bungie currently needs to fix with Destiny.

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Teleporting Ogres in King’s Fall HM

Picture this – you and your fire team are trying to complete the Oryx Hard Mode challenge for that sweet Light level 320 loot. You’re down to the last round of Ogres (because of course you’re running the 16 orb strategy) when suddenly one of them decides to just teleport away from its spawn. Now everything is messed up. Having fun yet? At least Bungie is still looking into this one.

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