15 Useless Video Game Tasks We All Enjoyed

Feeding chickens has never been so much fun.

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Sometimes in games, the most mundane of actions end up being strangely enjoyable. While no one will play these games because of these segments, and can often also be little more than ancillary mechanics or distractions, the action ends up being strangely fun regardless. Here’s a list of 15 such things that shouldn’t be fun, but for some reason are anyway.


Red Dead Redemption 2

The van der Linde gang’s camp, for a large part of Red Dead Redemption 2, is an excellent place to just hang out. From picking up quests and side quests, to playing some mini-games, to picking up various side quests and acivities, to just chatting with your fellow gang-members, there’s a lot to do in the camp. One other thing you can do is… chores. Picking up a loft of hay and slowly walking across the camp to to it back down in the horses’ feeding spot. Filling up a bucket and water and bringing it to Pearson’s table. Chopping a bunch of firewood. It’s all the very definition of mundane, and really, doesn’t require much activity on your part as a player- but for some reason, every now and again, it feels oddly fun to just do a bunch of chores around the camp. Of course, the Dead Eye bonuses – for whatever reason – are an obvious boost.

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