15 Video Games Where Dying Actually Means Something

Dying is an essential element of these games.

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We all know the sting of playing a video game only to have us slip up and make a mistake or two causing us to die right then and there. Sure, with a lot of games we have the safety of knowing we can simply load up from the last checkpoint or save point and just like that, no harm, no foul. But, it seems like game developers have had enough of that and have started implementing methods to make it so that dying isn’t just a mild inconvenience that only lasts for a minute or so. With that out of the way here’s 15 Video Games Where Dying Actually Means Something.



If you’re a fan of zombies and survival games, you have likely heard of DayZ. The game is rather tedious as it requires the player to scavenge for anything and everything, which in and of itself can be annoying, add multiplayer into the mix and you have a frustrating experience. It just ups the annoyance when you die to a player after finding something incredible. The fact of the matter, DayZ starts you off on a clean slate each time you die, meaning instead of starting with everything you had in your inventory or everything in your hot bar, you are thrown into the world with absolutely nothing to your name. Kind of stings when you die to another player who you know was just camping behind that bush for the past two hours.

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