20 Games That Will Make Your Jaws Drop At E3

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We are just at the start of March and there is still quite a lot time left till June arrives, that is when E3 2010 begins. But all the speculations have already started regarding what there will be at this year’s E3, that will amaze the gaming industry all over again, as it does every time. All the biggest and best companies will sure be there to show off their newest and exciting projects, but there will be some of them which will stand tall among all. So we here at GB compiled a list of what we think will be the best amongst best, a list of 20 games that sure will make your jaws drop at this year’s E3.

Now some of the games might not make it to E3 and others will be later announced, but as far as right now is concerned, this is what we think will be the brightest stars come this June at E3. So here goes the list.

Rage is an upcoming post-apocalyptic survival shooter from the guys responsible for games like Wolfenstein, Doom and Quake. It’s the first proper new series from id Software since 1996. So far nothing much has been shown about Rage but developers like id Software behind this title surely are enough to get excited. Early screenshots and some previews do sound promising and paint a gritty picture of a story-driven game which will include loads of exploration, vehicle combat and of-course lots of shooting.

Brink another first-person shooter being developed by Splash Damage is scheduled to release later this year. It’s basically a team-based multiplayer centered shooter. Brink is essentially Splash Damage’s first original title. It will feature the SMART (Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain) Free-running System quite similar to Mirror’s Edge. Story mode will be playable cooperatively online with up to 8 players. Lots of character customization tools will be on hand to play with, making things interesting. Brink definitely will be one game to watch-out for this E3.

Ever since its showing at 2009’s E3, Milo and Kate has captured the imagination of millions of gamers around the world due to its amazing ability of reading your facial expression. Now this could end up being the story of 2010. From what’s been shown so far, Natal has been received with mixed reviews. Some say it’s the new revolution in gaming others disagree claiming it to be just another gimmick. Revolution or gimmick, one thing is for sure we will hear a lot about Project Natal at this year’s E3 and certainly a lot more about Milo and Kate.

We know absolutely nothing about this one as of right now apart from the fact that it’s being developed by the team that has brought to you revolutionary GRAW titles before. So far only a little teaser of the game has been shown which doesn’t reveal much. But we suspect the game might be set years ahead of the last game in the series. Developers are claiming it will be very different from the previous titles and is going to set the standards for the Third Person Shooters. Expect this to be every bit as refined and polished as the other games in the GRAW series.

By now you must have heard that a new Medal of Honor (no subtitle yet) is on the horizon and its looking better than ever before. This time around it is ditching the WWII setting for present day Afghanistan. And there is no guessing what it is aiming to compete with, yes Modern Warfare is the new king around and the guys at EA LA have a huge task at their hands. Surpassing Modern Warfare will not be an easy job by any stretch of the imagination but only the prospect of it makes us all so excited already.

Diablo is one of the most loved franchises of all time. It still holds a special place in many a hearts. And good news is that the latest title in the series, Diablo 3, is rumored to be releasing some time in 2010. Blizzard would be hard at work to make Diablo game a memorable landmark again. Not a great deal of info regarding the game is available yet but the fans of the series will surely be looking forward to hear much more about it in coming days and certainly at E3.

Max Payne 3 was recently announced with a serious new bad-@$$ look. Rockstar is setting Max’s new adventure in Sao Paolo where he’s apparently been double-crossed thus gunning for revenge. Guys at Rockstar are keeping tight lips so far but we are damn sure it will be nothing short of spectacular once we start getting more info and what better place than E3.

L.A. Noire was first announced as a PlayStation 3 exclusive but then later was confirmed for Xbox 360 as well. Developed by Team Bondi, the game is set in a perfectly re-created Los Angeles of the 1940s. Players are given an open-ended challenge for solving number of murders. Little information has been disclosed so far but as Team Bondi has announced that the game is in its final phase so we expect some media blowout at E3.

It’s a Mario game, and you don’t need explaining anything else. It might involve saving a princess and making some funny sounds here and there, but be rest assure you are going to adore it, love it and have some pure fun while doing all the stuff. And this time around Yoshi will also be involved so what else do you want? It’s going to be Nintendo’s top tier offering this E3.

Dead Space was a sleeper hit back in 2008, but that won’t be the case this time around. It was a critical and commercial hit and no wonder expectations are high for the sequel. How did Isaac survive the first game’s ending? This question is a reason enough to get our anticipation levels high for the arrival of Dead Space 2. Just announced recently, Dead Space 2 is set to force us back to witnessing some adult rated horror again later this year. We just can’t wait for first few little details about the title soon and especially at E3.

Original Crysis was revolutionary in terms of gaming’s graphical future. Technically it was monster of a game and was a pain in the @$$ to even make it work on a system unless you had an apocalyptically powerful rig. It was said that Crysis’s stunning looks couldn’t be recreated anywhere else than a PC but Crytek just slapped all those claims by designing its new CryEngine 3, set to deliver the same quality across all platforms including consoles. E3 would be the perfect place for Crytek to show off its graphical powerhouse.

Fallout: New Vegas is one mysterious game. The first two Fallouts were turn-based, PC role-playing games, Fallout 3’s was more of a First Person Shooter RPG. Fallout 4 is also on its way while there are possibilities of an MMO too. All of this is confusing as well as exciting. New Vegas is being developed by Obsidian, whose most of the employees have worked for the original Fallout game. This makes New Vegas all so promising and we’ll keep a keen eye on this one at E3.

Nintendo made a shocking announcement at E3 09 when they revealed a Team Ninja developed Metroid game, Other M. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But real question is what exactly Metroid: Other M is? Because each new screenshot tells a different story where a new type of gameplay is shown. If this game combines what is good with both Metroid and Ninja Gaiden, it might just be the best Metroid ever.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is supposed to be the rebirth of the series. Judging from what we have seen so far it may just bring this series back to life. If you’ve never been a fan of the series then this could finally be the game to convince you. With the Metal Gear man Hideo Kojima involved, expect incredible set pieces and some brilliant boss battles. The game also seems inspired a lot by God of War and Shadow of the Colossus, with huge bosses rivaling SOTC’s towering titans. All this is very enticing indeed and Lords of Shadow could well be a megaton release come end of the year.

The prospect of returning to Albion always sounds exciting. And this time it won’t be any different. As with previous Fable games the storyline seems quite ambitious and will be the main focus of the game, while some new revolutionary features will also be included. And, of course, moral decisions will again shape up your hero. With brains such as that of legendary Peter Molyneux behind the game, it sure will make the headlines all over again as soon as details start to creep out.

Probably one of the biggest shocks of last year’s E3 was the announcement of Meta Gear Solid: Rising at Microsoft’s Press Conference. Very little has been revealed since that but one thing is for sure, whether you like it or not, it’ll be featuring Raiden. The prospect of Hideo Kojima producing an all-out action game is indeed very exciting. It may very well be a prequel, filling in the gaps on how Raiden became a tragic ninja as seen in MGS4. No matter what the plot is, it sure will be worth waiting for.

Batman: Arkham Asylum was one of the best games of last year and probably one of the best comic based games ever. Excitement over it grew gradually but everyone was surprised at the quality of final product which Rocksteady managed to pull off. Rocksteady wasn’t under any serious kind of pressure as far as the expectations are generally concerned from such licensed based games. However Arkham Asylum 2 won’t enjoy such luxury. After achieving the excellence with the first game and almost universal critical acclaim, everyone will be expecting Rocksteady to deliver the goods again. And we hope all this helps the devs to push even further. We simply can’t wait for this one to rock the floors of E3 in June.

Just one image revealed during a behind-closed-doors session at E3 2009, is the only thing known about this title as of yet. Link was missing his sword replaced by an ethereal, pointy-headed girl or maybe it was a personification of the Master Sword. That’s exactly what all there is to say. Info is so scarce and we doubt if this Zelda game will release in 2010. But Satoru Iwata did confirm few weeks back that it was still on track for this year. 2010 release or a 2012 release, this one is going to be mind-blowing.

Again there is a scarcity of any solid info apart from what was revealed in its wordless, adorable trailer. But we do know it’s from the same team that brought us Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, which alone is a reason enough to get excited. Ico and Shadow of the Colossus were one of the best experiences PS2 had to offer and we do not doubt the possibilities of The Last Guardian’s devs to repeat that on PS3 this time. We are sure it’s going to be the best PS3 title on offer at this year’s E3.

Let’s get one thing straight, Halo: Reach will be Microsoft’s biggest offering at E3, 2010. No matter which Halo it is, it certainly creates the biggest buzz around the gaming industry. And Halo: Reach is no different. It essentially is a prequel showing the events leading to original Halo game. Trailers and vid docs are already creating the hype with Bungie claiming to it to be the best Halo ever. And so far Bungie’s hard work is quite visible by just looking at Reach’s amazing visuals, which has never really been Halo’s strong point. Multiplayer beta will be hitting this spring, which no doubt will break all time records. But the real question is, will Halo: Reach be the show stealer at E3? We certainly won’t dare bet against it.

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