30 Best Horror Games of All Time [2020 Edition] – Part 1

An updated look at the best horror games you can play right now.

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There was a good stretch of time where it was looking like horror games were on their last legs, where it seemed like the industry at large was moving further and further away from what made horror games, well, horror. In recent years, the pendulum has swung back, and horror games have come back with a bang, with one excellent release after another. Fans of the genre have been treated to no small amount of memorable games in the genre in the last few years, and best of all, it looks like things are going to keep getting better. 

In this two-part feature, we’re going to talk about what we feel are the thirty best horror games as of 2020, and cover the first fifteen of those in this first part (in no particular order). Given the embarrassment of riches we were picking from while coming up with this list, it goes without saying that we will have missed out on at least a few games that you feel should be in here, so if that’s the case, let us know in your comments.

Without further ado then, let’s get started.

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Slender The Arrival

Slender Arrival isn’t exactly the most prestigious or most ambitious horror game out there, but its dedicated cult following will tell you that it’s absolutely one of the best. It’s a deeply flawed game, sure, but it’s pure and unadulterated focus on a simplistic premise of being chased by this horrifying entity just works. It might not be a critical darling, but if you enjoy horror games, you definitely shouldn’t skip Slender Arrival.

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